Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The UnCola 12-20-11 Playlist

Mr. President-Meet Again
Browning Bryant-Liverpool Fool
Level 42-The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Jamiroquai-Love Foolosophy
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings-Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects
Junior Senior-Take My Time
Seawind featuring Marlene-Summer Nights
Lisa Bolar-Santa Can I Have A New Boyfriend?
Scritti Politti-The Word Girl (Flesh & Blood)
Prefab Sprout-Wild Horses
Duncan Browne-Fauvette
XTC-Thanks For Christmas
Raphael Saadiq-Over You
Hal-Softly Spoken

The Beach Boys- Smile (from 2011's Smile Sessions)
Our Prayer
Heroes And Villains
Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
I'm In Great Shape
My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter/ You Are My Sunshine)
Cabin Essence
Look (Song For Children)
Child Is Father of The Man
Surf's Up
I Wanna Be Around/ Workshop
Wind Chimes
The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
Love To Say Dada
Good Vibrations

Paul Steel-In A Coma

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The UnCola 12-13-11 Playlist

The Nile Rodgers Tribute
Chic-Chic Cheer  
Chic-Rebels Are We  
Norma Jean-I Like Love  
Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You  
Chic-Just Out Of Reach  
Johnny Mathis-It's Alright To Love Me  
Chic-Soup For One  
Chic-Doin' That Thing To Me  
Debbie Harry-The Jam Was Moving  
Chic-You Are Beautiful  
David Bowie-Shake It  
Chic-My Forbidden Lover  
Chic-When You Love Someone  
Nile Rodgers-Yum Yum  
Chic-Stage Fright  
Diana Ross-Friend To Friend [Chic mix]  
Fonzi Thornton-I'll Change My Game  
B-52s-Dry County  
Chic-Happy Man  
Carly Simon-Why  
Chic-What About Me  
Sister Sledge-Got To Love Somebody  
Chic-So Fine  
Chic-Strike Up The Band  
Chic-Real People 
Chic-You Can't Do It Alone

Monday, December 12, 2011

Giving Love Instinctively

Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edawrds got the biggest gig of their life when in 1980 they were asked by Motown to write & produce Diana Ross' next album. Diana ended up withe biggest album of her career. Motown got a much needed hit. Music fans got a solid albums and 2 monster singles, Upside Down & I'm Coming Out. The only losers in the deal were Nile & Nard. Seems that after Nile & Nard submitted the album to the Motown execs, they had it rejected. They stood defiant and said we're not changing a thing, so Motown took all the tapes, remixed it and released it a new mix themselves. Now I've heard both mixes and it's very hard for me to be subjective since I'm so used to the Motown mixed versions. It's not the Chic mixes were bad. I just think Motown felt that Diana needed a little more sugar. Plus the Motown mixes put Diana out front & center and being the diva she was and is, that made perfect sense. But it definitely was a blow to Nard & Nile's ego. The fact they still had hits and continued to do so only proved that these guys had the goods. Upside Down (with Michael Jackson on backing chorus vocals) and I'm Coming Out showed that the Chic Org excelled first and foremost on jamming & breaking it down. Upside Down is straight disco funk, creating a groove that was unique to any other record at the time. Lyrically Diana's talking about hanging with an unfaithful dude cause she's still in love with him, but the music makes you think Diana's in complete control of the relationship. I'm Coming Out is the most direct way a mainstream icon connected with their gay following. From the climactic build starting with the insistant guitar of Nile, you just wait for that beat to drop in. Then when they fall out in the middle again (the part P.Diddy sampled by Notorious BIG's Mo Money Mo Problems) Tony's thick drumming doubles that intro's sensation until the big final release. And Meco, the bandleader who hit #1 with the Star Wars Theme in 1977, plays a trombone solo. Smooth yet heavy, always classy funk! Here's the Chic mix of Upside Down: Here's the one we all remember: Here's I'm Coming Out:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Clams on the Half-shell and Rollerskates

It was sad that Chic never had any more Top 40 hits after they released Good Times, but in a way it makes sense. Not that they didn't have good songs after this - they certainly did. And I'm sure they didn't want the ride to end. But if you're gonna out, at least in the public's eye, this is the song to go out on.

This tune turned Chic from some disco group with a few hits to one of the most important bands in history. The entire next decade of music suddenly had a pivot point from the moment Nard dropped his bass out on the 4. How can you fully quantify the influence of a song that, at once, instantly makes B-boys from the Bronx and New romantics from Britain want to start a band? There wasn't a block party happening without this tune. Every New Wave bass player wanted to be Bernard Edwards and every rhythm guitarist wanted to be Nile Rodgers. This was the spark in the fire of rap & new wave simultaneously. That's pretty amazing.

And whether I'm digging on this jazz funk that Chic lays down for 8 minutes, singing along with Fonzi Thornton as he hits his third over Alfa & Luci on the chorus or slap my hand in the air on cue with the string slide at the start of the breakdown, I can't help but feel the inner sadness at the heart of this record. Yes these are the good times. That's what they're saying, followed by 'a rumor has it that it's getting late. Time marches on, just can't can't change your fate.' Should I be dancing or crying? Nile knew the party was over as they hoped they it would never end. That's they captured both feelings in this song is a measure of Nile & Nard's talent. That a rappin granny spit a few verses of Rapper's Delight over this groove in The Wedding Singer is a measure of how little we treasure it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Want...Your Love

I've always had this idea for a scene in a movie that I hoped to insert in whatever screenplay I end up finishing. Two guys walk into a church needed to speak with a priest about a very important issue. One guy is very serious and impatient, the other is easily bored and a goofball. Guy one tells guy two wait inside the church while he finds the priest and leaves. Guy 2 comes across a table full of hand bells. He picks one up, rings it tentatively, picks up another and rings it louder. Then in perfect rhythm he rings them, duplicating the chorus of Chic's, I Want Your Love. Ding, dong. Ding dong. Ding dong.........dong ding. Guy 1 finds him, tells him to knock it off and follow him.

There's not much of a joke there, I know, and it's weird describing it out of context. But for me, it would me a personal nod to Nile Rodgers, a 'joke' I would share with a guy I never met. A way of telling him how much I love that song. And I do.

From 1978's C'est Chic, it may be my favorite Chic song as well as my favorite 'Nard bass line. I sing along with that bass part every time I hear that song, out of habit. Don't even realize I'm doing it. With it's robotic yet demanding chorus and jazzy melancholic vibe, it just gets me every time. I can't really explain it. But if it gets you too, I don't need to.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


As a kid I always loved Chic, but mostly I loved the name. The fact that it looked like you would say 'chick' but it was pronounced 'sheek'. Something that seemed so smooth and cool would be so dirty & funky. Chic really began as a proper band with their 2nd album, C'est Chic. The architects, Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards would try to be anonymous or at least hide behind their two new female leads, Alfa Anderson & Luci Martin. But how could one not wanna know who was chicken scratching on guitar or playing the smoothest funk bass of all time? Not me. I wanted to know the guys behind the curtain. Le Freak is a great example of how Chic got the disco label out of timing and circumstance. Actually this is a great funk record. I love how the bass drops out on the chorus, then kicks it on the verses, especially getting funky on the climactic breakdown. Nard plays so effortlessly, it puts all bass players before or after to shame. Nile is relentless on rhythm guitar driving the song all the through with his percussive playing. It almost feels like he's pushing everyone up the hill, esp on that breakdown. It ended selling 6 million records as a single, the best ever for Atlantic Records. I remember when the song was out that every time we would pass Le Frak city in Queens on the Long Island Expressway, I would sing Le Frak Its back. Frak out!. Yeah it's dumb, I was 7. I thought the 2 were related somehow. I also have this memory of coming home from JFK after vacationing in Florida at Christmas time, walking into our house, late at night, after the super long delay, coming home in the snow. The song that was playing on the radio when we walked in the door was Le Freak. Why do I still remember that? Who knows? I don't know much about the Freak as a dance. But once I was hanging out in an old roller rink that was a converted dance club with some new friends. They took me there to listen to some band whose music was forgettable. During their break, the DJ put on a few disco records and the floor filled up. Keep in mind that this was 1990. People still thought that the 70s were a joke, especially disco. The 80s did a number on the reputation of the preceding decade. It was very rare to hear the music on the radio or even buy it in the stores. When the DJ dropped Le Freak, people started screaming. I couldn't believe it. Everyone who was in that club was on the floor and it was packed tight. The girl I was dancing with was having a religious experience. Rather than question any of it (which I did later) I completely went with it and about a couple hundred of us did the Freak in unison. I vividly remember this because the DJ turned the lights on during the song and the crowd looked at each other as it was getting off. It was the only time I ever felt anything akin to the communal experience I heard that 70s disco was. Once the records played, the floor cleared, the band started, my crew & I hung out for 5 minutes and split. If you don't know the story of Le Freak, I'm sure you can find it on the web. Better yet, pick up Nile's autobiography called Le Freak. Until then, turn it up and freak out!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The UnCola 12-6-11 Playlist

Segarini-Gotta Have Pop  
Level 42-Overtime  
Echo & the Bunnymen-Bedbugs And Ballyhoo  
Judee Sill-The Kiss  
Mayer Hawthorne-The Walk  
Carole King-I Can't Hear You No More  
Gene Loves Jezebel-Suspicion  
Bugatti & Musker-Fate  
Manhattan Transfer-Feel Flows  
Basia-New Day For You  
Los Amigos Invisibles-Sweet  
Tower of Power-Soul Vaccination  
Brand New Heavies-Fake
UK Players-Dancing In The Street  
El Chicano-Tell Her She's Lovely  
Breakfast Club-Kiss & Tell  
Mildred-Rise Above  
XTC-Down In The Cockpit  
Nick Lowe-Stoplight Roses  
Baby Grand-Bring Me Your Broken Heart  
Jakob Magnusson-Magnetic Storm  
Toy Matinee-Last Plane Out  
Prince & the Revolution-She's Always In My Hair  
Ole Borud-Keep Movin'  
Alphaville-Dance With Me
Andrea True Connection-What's Your Name, What's Your Number
New Order-Shellshock

The Nile Rodgers Tribute

On Tuesday, Dec 13th at 8PM on, in honor of his new autobiography, Le Freak, The UnCola will be broadcasting a tribute to Nile Rodgers. Everything from Chic & solo albums, rare, live & demos and Nile productions. And of course, no hits!

To get ready for this event, I'll be talking about those 'hits' and the influence they had on my life.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The UnCola 11-29-11 Playlist

Thomas Dolby-Nothing New Under The Sun  
Tony Stone-Perish The Thought  
Alfalpha-Hung Up On A Line  
Sara Hickman-I Couldn't Help Myself  
Rooney-I Can't Get Enough  
Scott English-Brandy  
Donald Fagen-Florida Room  
Joseph Williams-This Girl    
James Taylor Quartet-Woman  
Rita Jean Bodine-Pacified  
Joni Mitchell-Good Friends  
Icebird-Just Love Me  
Isis-Cocaine Elaine  
Cathy Dennis-Homing The Rocket 
New Musik-Living By Numbers  
Starbuck-Everybody Be Dancin'  
Geyster-Sister's Beautiful  
Double-Devil's Ball  
Ambrosia-Can't Let A Woman  
Julian Lennon-Looking 4 Luv  
The Wondermints-Listen  
XTC-Me And The Wind  
Ben Folds-Fired  
Alan O'Day-Angie Baby  
The Smiths-There Is A Light That Never Goes Out  
Blur-London Loves  
A-Train-Time Stops

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 11-22-11

Kid Creole & the Coconuts-Stony & Cory  
Love & Money-Candybar Express  
Adrian Gurvitz-The Way I Feel 
Style Council-Life At A Top Peoples Health Farm 
Fitz & the Tantrums-Moneygrabber 
Dag-Righteous (City Pain)  
Maxine Nightengale-(Bringing Out) The Girl In Me  
State Cows-Center Of The Sun  
Gino Vannelli-Santa Rosa  
Boz Scaggs-Georgia
Diane Birch-This Corrosion  
Phoebe Snow-Something So Right  
The Greatest Show On Earth-Real Cool World  
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels-When You Were Mine  
Matthew Wilder-The Kid's American  
Ozark Mountain Daredevils-If I Only Knew  
Grenades For The Wall-London Bridge  
Nik Kershaw-One Step Ahead  
k.d. Lang-Get Some  
Tahiti 80-Solitary Bizness 
Cellarful Of Noise-Samantha (Whatcha Gonna Do?)  
Pomplamoose-Single Ladies  
Hall & Oates-Time's Up (Alone Tonight)  
Icehouse-No Promises  
Joe Jackson-Jamie G.  
Automatic Man-Give It To Me  
Young & Co.-I Like What You're Doing To Me    
The Verve-Lucky Man 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 11-15-11

Prince & the Revolution-Baby I'm A Star
Prince-I Feel For You
Prince-The Ballad Of Dorothy Parker
Chaka Khan-Sign O The Times
Prince-Elephants & Flowers
Prince-Glam Slam
Prince-Why You Wanna Treat Me So Bad
Prince-Pink Cashmere
Prince-Irresistible Bitch
Prince-Dinner With Delores
Hindu Love Gods-Raspberry Beret
Prince-Electric Chair
Prince & the New Power Generation-Sexy MF
Prince-Soft & Wet
Vanity 6-Nasty Girl
Prince-Erotic City
Prince-Everyday Is A Winding Road
Prince & the Revolution-Anotherloveholenyohead
The Family-The Screams Of Passion
Prince & The Revolution-17 Days
Prince-Starfish & Coffee
Prince & the New Power Generation-Strollin'
Prince-Nothing Compares To U

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 11-8-11

Mayer Hawthorne-A Long Time  
Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons-Sun Country  
The A's-A Woman's Got The Power  
New Radicals-I Hope I Didn't Just Give Away The Ending  
Odyssey-Battened Ships  
Zero 7-Throw It All Away  
Andrew Gold-Oh Urania (Take Me Away)  
David Roberts-Wrong Side of The Tracks  
Flamedown-No One  
Queen-I'm Going Slightly Mad  
10cc-Lazy Ways  
XTC-Here Comes President Kill Again  
Todd Rundgren-Out Of My Mind  
The Outfield-Voices Of Babylon  
James Gang-Alexis  
Mr. President-Love & Happiness  
General Public-Faults & All  
Jellyfish-Now She Knows Shes Wrong  
Michael Franks-I'd Rather Be Happy Than Right 
Spats-(You're Lovin Is) Everywhere  
Simply Red-It's Only Love  
Little John-Turn Your Face To A Smile  
Grum-Can't Shake This Feeling 
B 52s-Give Me Back My Man    
La Flavour-Mandolay    
Jamiroquai-Stillness In Time    
Scritti Politti-Tinseltown To The Boogiedown

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 11-1-11

Daryl Hall-Talking To You  
Cat Stevens-Killin' Time  
Hipsway-Tinder  Hipsway  
Oleta Adams-Circle Of One  
Kate Bush-And So Is Love  
Lewis Taylor-From The Day We Met  
Bee Gees-Can't Keep A Good Man Down  
Cold Blood-Kissing My Love  
Flight of the Conchords-Ladies of The World  
Men Without Hats-O Sole Mio  
Fifth Avenue Band-One Way Or The Other  
Joe Chemay Band-Bad Enough  
Ben Folds 5-She Don't Use Jelly  
Smokie-Living Next Door To Alice  
George Michael-Shoot The Dog  
Dusty Springfield-I Don't Think We Could Ever Be  
Blow Monkeys-It Doesn't Have To Be This Way  
Christopher Cross-Leave It To Me  
The Producers-What's He Got  
Todd Rundgren-Espresso (All Jacked Up)  
Beach Boys-Match Point Of Our Love  
Lisa Stansfield-The Love In Me  
Peter Brown-Crank It Up (Funk Town) 
Remy Shand-Take A Message
Erykah Badu-Honey

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 10-18-11

Janis Ian-Fly Too High   
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Ball & Chain   
Suzi Quatro-Breaking Dishes   
The Clash-The Magnificent Seven  
Chris Rosser-The Laundromat Song (Imagine That)    
Cory Wells-Midnight Lady   
Some Like It Odd-Wishes  
Maria Muldaur-Make Love To The Music  
Rick Mathews-I Want To Make You Happy 
Sia-You've Changed    
Week End Millionaire-French Music Par Excellence   
Alessi-No Getting Around My Love  
Gloria Scott-Just As Long As We're Together     
Howard Jones-The Prisoner     
The Rhinestones-Get It Up For Love   
Jamiroquai-Too Young To Die  
Ray Kennedy-Isn't It Time    
Peter Gallway-From Tokyo To Kokomo   
Prefab Sprout-Ghost Town Blues    
Pomplamoose-Achin' Heart    
Kenny Rankin-On & On   
Rosie Vela-Magic Smile  
Love & Rockets-Lazy   
Al Kooper-Salmon Falls  
Res-Let Love   
XTC-Living Through Another Cuba   
The Beloved-Your Love Takes Me Higher

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 10-4-11

The UnCola's 100th Broadcast

Steely Dan-The Caves Of Altamira  
Steely Dan-Night By Night  
Steely Dan-Midnight Cruiser  
Donald Fagen-Green Flower Street  
Steely Dan-Pixeleen  
Steely Dan-Black Cow  
Steely Dan-Throw Back The Little Ones   
Steely Dan-Gaucho  
Steely Dan-Almost Gothic  
Steely Dan-Show Biz Kids  
Walter Becker-Girlfriend  
Steely Dan-Here At The Western World  
Steely Dan-Glamour Profession  
Steely Dan-The Fez  
Steely Dan-Only A Fool Would Say That    
Donald Fagen-Century's End
Steely Dan-Doctor Wu  
Steely Dan-Green Earrings  
Steely Dan-Babylon Sisters  
Steely Dan-Parker's Band  
Steely Dan-Negative Girl  
Steely Dan-Bad Sneakers  
Steely Dan-Don't Take Me Alive 
Walter Becker-Door Number Two  
Steely Dan-Through With Buzz  
Steely Dan-Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More 
Steely Dan-Bodhisattva

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Countdown To Ecstasy: The UnCola's 100th Show with Fagen & Becker

Has your mind turned to applesauce? Are you having trouble getting those gaucho amigos out of your home? Is someone digging a ditch out in the valley just for you?

Well on Tuesday October 4th at 8PM on, The UnCola brings you a world full of salads & sun: 2 hours of Steely Dan, Donald Fagen & Walter Becker - deepcuts, live tracks, covers, rare demos but no Top 40 hits (we'd rather pan fry the big ones). There won't be any all. Fill your shells with Kirschwasser or Zombies and fit those Steely Dan t-shirts around those shapely bodies, as the UnCola's breaks out the hats & hooters for their 100th show. It's pure science with a splash of black cat. Or Katy would say, the sparkle of your china, the shine of your Japan (but she lies).

So if you hear from my Louise, tell her bobbing for apples can wait. Join us Tuesday night for all things Becker & Fagen and sign in stranger.

It's the sweetness you've been crying for!

The UnCola Playlist 9-27-11

Matt Bianco-Fly By Night   
Eye To Eye-Scenes By A Wishing Well   
Cheryl Dilcher-Ellie   
Neneh Cherry-Money Love    
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Name And Number  
Grenades For The Wall-The Soundtrack Of My Life    
Renee Geyer-Heading In The Right Direction   
Norwegian Fords-Superglue Kiss  
Style Council-Wanted    
Cotton Mather-Marathon Man   
Bill Deal & the Rhondells-Soulful Strut    
John Farrar-Gettin' Loose    
Nik Kershaw-Wide Boy    
Fountains Of Wayne-Radio Bar  
Peter Allen-Bi-Coastal    
Millard Powers-Jenny Won't Play Fair  
Jaye P. Morgan-Keepin' It To Myself    
Brand New Heavies-I Don't Know Why   
Nick Heyward-Whistle Down The Wind   
Gayle McCormick-If Only You Believe   
XTC-One Of The Millions   
Joan Osborne-Sara Smile   
Level 42-I Sleep On My Heart   
Chromeo-Night By Night    
Linda Clifford-Runaway Love  
Depeche Mode-Strangelove   
Teena Marie-Since Day One 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 9-20-11

A-ha-Summer Moved On  
Josh Rouse-Come Back (Light Therapy)  
Go West-Eye To Eye  
Hall & Oates-I Want To Know You For A Long Time  
XTC-Harvest Festival  
State Cows-Hard Goodbye  
Andy Pratt-Summer, Summer  
China Crisis-Arizona Sky  
Ben Folds 5-Your Redneck Past 
Dennis Wilson-Dreamer  
Duran Duran-Safe  
Living Colour-Memories Can't Wait 
Ned Doheny-Perish The Thought  
Pieces-Heaven Must Have Made You  
World Party-Ship Of Fools  
Robert Lester Folsom-Ginger 
The Fun Boy Three-Summertime    
Sade-Kiss Of Life  
Priors-What You Need 
Owsley-Zavelow House  
Madness-Sugar & Spice  
Bill House-You're No Better Than A Common Thief 
Some Like It Odd-Kiss Me  
Scritti Politti-Sugar & Spice 
Orleans-Beatin' Around The Bush  
Judee Sill-That's The Spirit    
Pierce Arrow-Hot Summer Night    
Anri-Last Summer Whisper

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 9-13-11

Forgotten Top 40, Vol. 2

The Barbusters-Light Of Day
JoBoxers-Just Got Lucky
Breathe-Say A Prayer
Five Man Electrical Band-Absolutely Right
Graham Parker-Wake Up (Next To You)
Cat Stevens-Two Fine People
Manfred Mann-Runner
Chase-Get It On
Simply Red-Money$ Too Tight (To Mention)
Van Stephenson-Modern Day Delilah
Del Amitri-Kiss This Thing Goodbye
Greg Kihn Band-Lucky
Rickie Lee Jones-Youngblood
Ashton, Gardner & Dyke-Resurrection Shuffle
Toto-Make Believe
Average White Band-If I Ever Lose This Heaven
Soup Dragons-Divine Thing
Cliff Richard-Carrie
Redbone-The Witch Queen Of New Orleans
Thompson Twins-Get That Love
Leo Sayer-Easy To Love
Dream Academy-The Love Parade
Toad The Wet Sprocket-Fall Down
Eric Carmen-Sunrise
Manhattan Transfer-Spice Of Life
Burton Cummings-You Saved My Soul
Seals & Crofts-You're The Love
Bangles-If She Knew What She Wants
Stars On-Stars On 45 III
Power Station-Communication
Arcadia-Goodbye Is Forever
Bryan Ferry-Kiss & Tell

Monday, September 12, 2011

The 2nd Annual Forgotten Top 40 Special

This Tuesday from 8-10pm est, The UnCola will be broadcasting their 2nd Annual Forgotten Top 40 Special. These aren't merely one-hit-wonders. They're the tunes caught in hit single limbo, the ones that inched into the 40, got the call from Casey Kasem and then fell out of the countdown and disappeared off the charts. They may have had some chart success, but they are still 'forgotten top 40 songs'. And why? Record company mergers, or they've been unreleased or out of print on CD.
Now the UnCola will bring back those 45 and cassette single memories.
To warm you up, here's an 80s Forgotten Top 40 from the Australian band, Real Life:

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 9-6-11

Nerina Pallot-Turn Me On Again    
Fanny-Summer Song    
Robin Lane & The Chartbusters-When Things Go Wrong    
Fountains Of Wayne-It Must Be Summer    
Andy Pawlak-All That's Left Of Me    
Dean Friedman-Rocking Chair  
El Debarge-My Heart Belongs To You  
Prince-Hot Thing  
Ten Wheel Drive feat. Genya Ravan-House In Central Park 
Tahiti 80-Big Day  
Acid House Kings-I Write Summer Songs For No Reason    
Carly Simon-Vengeance  
Rod Kinny-Between Two Worlds    
Blancmange-Don't Tell Me    
Paul Davis-Superstar   
The Posies-Solar Sister    
Duran Duran-Meet El Presidente  
Fotomaker-Nowhere To Turn    
k.d. Lang-A Sleep With No Dreaming  
The Tories-Gladys Kravitz    
Tears For Fears-Badman's Song  
Rare Silk-New York Afternoon  
Earth, Wind & Fire-Runnin'  
Bugatti & Musker-Fate  
XTC-Punch & Judy 
Robert Palmer-Looking for Clues

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 8-30-11

Suzi Quatro-Rosie Rose  
A Bigger Splash-I Don't Believe A Word    
Doobie Brothers-Rio  
Sia-Clap Your Hands  
Bros-Too Much  
Jamiroquai-Two Completely Different Things  
Bliss Band-How Do I Survive   
Bobby Caldwell-Coming Down From Love  
Randy Newman-I Love L.A.    
Basia-Blame It On The Summer  
The Fixx-The Sign Of Fire  
Daryl Braithwaite-Higher Than Hope    
Butts Band-Corner Of My Mind  
The Smiths-Girlfriend In A Coma  
Jay Ferguson-Shakedown Cruise    
Jonatha Brooke-Secrets & Lies  
The Cheeksters-Thrill Of A Lifetime  
XTC-Great Fire  
Level 42-Good Man In A Storm  
Blur-Country House  
Nick DeCaro-Getting Mighty Crowded  
The Pasadenas-Tribute (Right On)  
Geyster-A Change For The Better 
New Order-Love Vigilantes    
Ashford & Simpson-It Seems To Hang On 
Superslick-Backside Shaker
Thrashing Doves-Jesus On The Payroll

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 8-23-11

The 2nd Annual Best of the WestCoast Breeze

Bill Champlin-I Don't Want You Anymore
Steve Kipner-I've Got To Stop This Hurting You
Lisa Dal Bello-Milk & Honey
Christopher Cross-I Really Don't Know Anymore
JaR-Make Somebody
Average White Band-Love Gives, Love Takes Away
Champaign-I'm On Fire
Gino Vannelli-Appaloosa
State Cows-New York Town
Toto-I'll Supply The Love
John Farrar-Reckless
Maxus-Your Imagination
Ned Doheny-Get It Up For Love
Norwegian Fords-Surfing On The Sun
Steely Dan-Glamour Profession
Far Cry-Eldorado Escape
Larry Lee-Number One Girl
Boz Scaggs-Gimme The Goods
Smooth Reunion-The Connection
Ambrosia-Livin' On My Own
Sneaker-Don't Let Me In
Nielsen Pearson-Two Lonely Nights
Glenn Frey-That Girl
Angelo-Midnight Prowl
Fleetwood Mac-That's All For Everyone

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The 2nd Annual Best Of West Coast Breeeze

The UnCola will be broadcasting our 2nd annual Best of the West Coast Breeeze this Tuesday at 8PM. 2 hours of West Coast music from the 70s & 80s as well as NuCoast artists from the last 10 years. You can send us your request at

Not sure what West Coast music is? This is a good place to start.

Here's some West Coast magic from the group Pages:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 8-16-11

Fountains Of Wayne-Richie & Ruben
Al Stewart-On The Border
Samuel Purdey-Lucky Radio
Divinyls-In My LIfe
Jellyfish-Sebrina, Paste & Plato
Giraffe-All Fall Down
Josef Melin-The Brighter Side Of Life
Kokomo-Rise & Shine
Byrne & Barnes-Never Gonna Stop Loving You
Mike Oldfield-Family Man
Elton John-Are You Ready For Love
Gas Mask-Light The Road
The Lover Speaks-Every Lover's Sign
The Rentals-My Summer Girl
Real Life-Catch Me I'm Falling
Junior Senior-Take My Time
10cc-Dreadlock Holiday
Queen-Back Chat
Hue & Cry-Labour Of Love
Ole Borud-All Because Of You
Scritti Politti-Best Thing Ever
Dukes Of Stratosphere-You're My Drug
Airwaves-Love Stop
Q-Bic-Good Thing
Talking Heads-Stay Up Late
Depeche Mode-Stripped
George Michael-Freeek
Al Kooper-Maybe Tomorrow

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 8-2-11

A Tribute to WLIR 92.7 - Part 2: The Hits

Joan Jett & the Blackhearts-I Love Rock N Roll
Eddy Grant-Electric Avenue
Howard Jones-Life In A Day
Naked Eyes-Promises Promises
Tears For Fears-Head Over Heels
Dexys Midnight Runners-Come On Eileen
Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
Hipsway-The Honeythief
Kajagoogoo-Too Shy
Human League-(Keep Feeling) Fascination
J. Geils Band-Centerfold
Joe Jackson-Steppin' Out
Prince & The Revolution-Take Me With U
Culture Club-Miss Me Blind
Duran Duran-The Wild Boys
Madness-Our House
Boys Don't Cry-I Wanna Be A Cowboy
Men Without Hats-The Safety Dance
Nena-99 Luftballons
Danny Wilson-Mary's Prayer
The Pretenders-Middle of The Road
The Romantics-Talking In Your Sleep
Paul Young-I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
Musical Youth-Pass The Dutchie
Wham!-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
The Clash-Rock The Casbah
Haircut 100-Love Plus One
Blow Monkeys-Diggin' Your Scene
ABC-The Look Of Love Part 1
U2-Where The Streets Have No Name

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The UnCola Dares to be Different - Part 2

Due to the popular response of last week's show, this Tuesday we will broadcast an additional 2 hours of WLIR Screamers of The Week from 1980-1987. We will focus on the Screamers which turned into big Top 40 hits. Rarely do we play Top 40 songs on our show. But this week we're making an exception and continuing to pay homage to one of the best radio stations ever to broadcast - WLIR 92.7!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 7-26-11

A Tribute to WLIR 92.7 - Part 1

Nik Kershaw-Radio Musicola
Devo-That's Good
B52s-Girl from Ipanema Goes To Greenland
Dead Or Alive-In Too Deep
Suzi Quatro-Rock Hard
Frankie Goes To Hollywood-Two Tribes
Depeche Mode-New Dress
Crazy Joe-Eugene
The Cure-Why Can't I Be You?
The Jam-Absolute Beginners
Thompson Twins-Don't Mess With Dr Dream
Falco-Der Kommissar
Hilary-Drop Your Pants
U2-The Sweetest Thing
Alphaville-Forever Young
New Order-Bizarre Love Triangle
New Musik-This World Of Water
Erasure-Oh L'Amour
XTC-Dear God
The Quick-Bed Of Nails
Pet Shop Boys-West End Boys (original version)
The Smiths-Ask
Joe Jackson-Jumpin Jive
Shona Laing-(Glad I'm) Not A Kennedy
Squeeze-Annie Get Your Gun
Public Image Limited-Seattle
OMD-Tesla Girls
The Alarm-The Stand
Big Audio Dynamite-E=MC2

Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreamers, Schemers & Screamers: A Tribute to WLIR

This Tuesday July 26th at 8PM, The UnCola will be broadcasting a special tribute to the best and one of the most influential American radio stations of all time: WLIR 92.7. We will be playing all Screamers of The Week for 2 hours. The Screamer of the Week was an event held every Thursday wherein DJs would nominate a song of the week and the radio listeners would call in and vote. You call also nominate one of your own. A truly democratic way to make listeners feel like they were a part of the station.

WLIR broke many new bands in the US during the 1980s, such as U2, Depeche Mode, The Cure, R.E.M., Squeeze, the Smiths to name a few. To get your song played on 92.7 was like opening a door to the rest of the America.

There will never be another radio station like it, although Asheville FM comes close.

So join us Tuesday at 8pm est and Dare to be Different!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 7-19-11

Jean Beauvoir-Feel The Heat  
Texas-Summer Son    
Andy Pratt-All I Want Is You  
Big Street mp-Blind  
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Misfit  
Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons-Hit And Run   
Pet Shop Boys-How Can You Expect To Be Taken Seriously? 
Pages-O.C.O.E. (Official Cat Of The Eighties)  
Pointer Sisters-Everybody Is A Star  
Chaka Khan (featuring Michael McDonald)-You Belong To Me 
Lewis Taylor-Listen Here    
Ozark Mountain Daredevils-You Know Like I Know  
XTC Song of the Week: Runaways  
Elvis Costello-(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes 
Natural Selection-Hearts Don't Think (They Feel)    
Giant Steps-Into You  
Baby Grand-Never Enough  
Swing Out Sister-Stoned Soul Picnic    
Laura Nyro-Sweet Blindness  
Todd Rundgren-Black Maria  
Genya Ravan-Sit Yourself Down  
John Oates-Color Of Love     
Airplay-After The Love Is Gone  
Stephen Bishop-Vagabond From Heaven  
The Police-Bring On The Night  
Andy Gibb-After Dark  
BB&Q Band-Time For Love 
Jim Capaldi-Shoe Shine

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 7-12-11

The Disco Demolition 32nd Anniversary Show

Odyssey-Native New Yorker   
France Joli-Come To Me    
Destination-Move On Up    
Norma Jean-I Like Love    
Alicia Bridges-I Love The Nightlife (Disco Round)  
Andrea True Connection-More More More (Tom Moulton 12''Mix) 
Heatwave-Too Hot To Handle    
Earth, Wind & Fire-Can't Let Go    
Alton McClain & Destiny-It Must Be Love   
Eddie Kendricks-Goin' Up In Smoke  
Ashford & Simpson-Stay Free    
Dexter Wansel-Life On Mars   
Brainstorm-Loving Is Really My Game    
GQ-Disco Nights (Rock Freak)  
Deniece Williams-I've Got The Next Dance   
Gregg Diamond-Danger   
Peter Brown-Dance With Me    
Tavares-Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel    
Bohannon-Disco Stomp    
Gene Chandler-Get Down  
Chic-My Forbidden Lover   
Sylvers-Hot Line    
Black Ivory-Mainline    
Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes-The Love I Lost (Part 1)  
Machine-There But For The Grace Of God Go I  
MFSB-Love Is The Message

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 7-5-11

Geyster-Sugar Baby (Dawn Remix)    
Tonio K-I'm Supposed To Have Sex With You    
Laura Nyro & LaBelle-It's Gonna Take A Miracle    
Plan B-Love Goes Down   
The Temptations-A Fine Mess    
Happy Mondays-Step On ('91)   
Shakatak-So High   
Fonda Feingold-Taking Our Own Sweet Time    
The Cardigans-Been It   
Crowded House-World Where You Live    
The Inmates-Dirty Water   
Jolis & Simone-At The Paradise   
Andrew Ridgeley-Shake   
George Benson-Breezin'  
Paul Carrack-I Live By The Groove   
Donna Summer-State Of Independence    
Grenades For The Wall-London Bridge    
Jelly-No One Like My Baby  A True Story    
Hue & Cry-Labour Of Love   
Warren Zevon-Lawyers, Guns & Money    
XTC-Reign of Blows    
Bamboos & Alice Russell-Step It Up    
Annie Lennox-Money Can't Buy It    
City Boy-Summer In the Schoolyard    
Toad The Wet Sprocket-Something's Always Wrong  
Leo Sayer-Heart (Stop Beating In Time)   

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 6-28-11

James Taylor-Summer's Here  
Wendy Waldman-Long Hot Summer Nights  
Seaside Stars-Summer Holiday    
B-52s-Summer Of Love  
Steely Dan-Gaslighting Abbie  
Mai Tai-History   
Spats-Hot Summer Madness  
Walter Egan-Hot Summer Nights  
Style Council-Long Hot Summer ['89]  
Junior Senior-Move Your Feet    
APB-Summer Love  
Supertramp-Summer Romance  
XTC-King For A Day  
Phoenix-Summer Days  
Joe Jackson-Summer In The City  
Joni Mitchell-The Hissing Of Summer Lawns  
Tony Carey-The First Day Of Summer  
Duran Duran-Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over) 
k.d. Lang-Summerfling  
The Alarm-Rain In The Summertime   
Ephraim Lewis-Summer Lightning   
Scritti Politti-Boom! There She Was  
Lewis Taylor-Send Me An Angel  
Stevie Wonder-Summer Soft  
Blood Sweat & Tears-Hip Pickles
Al Kooper-The Monkey Time  
Brian Wilson-Keep An Eye On Summer  
Anoraak-Long Hot Summer Night 
Bill Joel-Summer, Highland Falls
Louise Goffin-So Many Summers Gone
Isley Brothers-Summer Breeze

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 6-21-11

Todd Rundgren-Drive  
Utopia-My Angel  
Todd Rundgren-The Range War  
Cheap Trick-Heaven's Falling    
Todd Rundgren-Song Of The Viking  
Todd Rundgren-They're Red Hot   
Todd Rundgren-I'm So Proud/ Ooh Baby Baby/ La La Means I Love You/ Cool Jerk Medley  
Todd Rundgren-Mighty Love    
Todd Rundgren-Bluebird Is Dead  
Todd Rundgren & Daryl Hall-You Got It    
Todd Rundgren-The Want Of A Nail   
Todd Rundgren-I Don't Want To Tie You Down    
XTC-Summer's Cauldron  
Utopia-You Make Me Crazy    
Todd Rundgren-I Think You Know    
Todd Rundgren-We Gotta Get You A Woman    
Todd Rundgren-Sweet    
Todd Rundgren-Compassion    
Utopia-Hoi Poloi    
The Pursuit Of Happiness-She's So Young   
Todd Rundgren-Black And White   
New Cars-I Saw The Light   
Todd Rundgren-Be Nice To Me  
Todd Rundgren-Change Myself    
Todd Rundgren-Onomatopoeia    
Todd Rundgren-When The Shit Hits The Fan/ Sunset Blvd   
Utopia-Swing To The Right  
Todd Rundgren-Don't You Ever Learn?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

The 2nd Annual Todd Rundgren Birthday Special

This Tuesday The UnCola will be celebrating Todd Rundgren's 63rd birthday with the 2nd Annual TR birthday Special. We'll be playing classics from Todd & Utopia's catalog as well as Todd related productions and cover tunes and some cuts from his new album, Todd Rundgren's Johnson. It's gonna be a great show, so make sure you tune in on Tuesday June 21st at 8pm on!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 6-14-11

Housemartins-Five Get Over Excited 
Felix Cavaliere-Flip Flop  
Scritti Politti-Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)  
kd Lang & the Siss Boom Bang-Reminiscing 
Level 42-The Chant Has Begun  
Phoenix-Too Young  
Nilsson-Perfect Day  
Donald Fagen-New Frontier  
Lewis Taylor-Hide Your Heart Away  
Manhattan Transfer-On The Boulevard  
Michael Franks-When Sly Calls (Don't Touch That Phone) 
Geyster-Holding On  
Device-Hanging On A Heart Attack  
Bob Welch-Church  
Wings Of Fire Orchestra-Delta Street  
Movies-Nobody Loves An Iceberg  
Ben Folds Five-Where's Summer B?  
Tears For Fears-Advice For The Young At Heart  
Style Council-The Lodgers  
XTC-Hold Me My Daddy  
Norwegian Fords-I'll Be Dining Here Again  
Brand New Heavies-Spend Some Time  
James Taylor Quartet-Summer Song
10cc-The Dean & I
Steve Lukather-On My Way Home

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 6-7-11

Ole Borud-Rock Steady
Crack The Sky-Invaders From Mars
Men At Work-Be Good Johnny
Aztec Camera-The Crying Scene
Kate Bush-The Red Shoes
Andrew Gold-Oh Urania (Take Me Away)
Wax-Bridge To Your Heart
Andrew Gold-The Final Frontier (Theme From Mad About You)
Wax-Right Between The Eyes
Andrew Gold-Do Wah Diddy Diddy
The Cheeksters-Thrill Of A Lifetime
Justin Hayward-I'm Sorry
Alan O'Day-How To Pick Up Girls
Prince-Erotic City
Wet Willie-Street Corner Serenade
Prefab Sprout-Machine Gun Ibiza
Danny Wilson-A Girl I Used To Know
Erykah Badu-Window Seat
Human League-Love Action (I Believe In Love)
T. Rex-Mambo Sun
Buzzcocks-Ever Fallen In Love
Pipettes-Call Me
The Stranglers-Nice N Sleazy
XTC-Are You Receiving Me?
Prince-Electric Chair
The The-This Is The Day
Some Like It Odd-Riposte
Neil Sedaka-Love Will Keep Us Together
Andrew Gold-Never Let Her Slip Away

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 5-31-11

A Tribute to Daryl Hall & John Oates

Hall & Oates-Portable Radio  
Hall & Oates-Fall In Philadelphia  
Hall & Oates-Miss DJ  
Elvis Costello-The Only Flame In Town  
Hall & Oates-Crazy Eyes  
Hall & Oates-When The Morning Comes (live)  
Hall & Oates-Go Solo  
John Oates-Mississippi Mile  
Daryl Hall-Stop Loving Me, Stop Loving You  
Hall & Oates-Bigger Than Both Of Us  
Tavares-She's Gone  
Daryl Hall & Todd Rundgren-It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference  
Hall & Oates-Love Train  
Hall & Oates-I'll Be Around  
Hall & Oates-Starting All Over Again  
Hall & Oates-Time's Up (Alone Tonight)  
Hall & Oates-Can't Stop The Music (He Played It Much Too Long)  
Hall & Oates-Is It A Star?  
Robert Fripp-North Star  
Hall & Oates-Las Vegas Turnaround (The Stewardess Song)  
Hall & Oates-Art Of Heartbreak  
Hall & Oates-Alone Too Long  
Hall & Oates-It's Uncanny  
Stephen Dees-Wacky Together  
Hall & Oates-Abandoned Luncheonette  
Hall & Oates-I Don't Wanna Lose You  
Hall & Oates-70s Scenario 
Hall & Oates-Goodnight & Goodmorning
Hall & Oates-Open All Night
Hall & Oates-Everytime You Go Away (Live in Tokyo)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The UnCola makes your dreams come true!

Hall & Oates have had a very productive 40 year career: 29 Top 40s, 16 Top 10's & 6 Number 1s. And this Tuesday on The UnCola, we're not gonna play any of them. We're gonna play 2 hours of non-hits, deepcuts, demos, live tracks, solo cuts and lots more to show you how deep their catalogue truly is and that they were a lot more than Private Eyes.

So join us on at 8PM this Tuesday for a little rock n soul...the UnCola way!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 5-24-11

Thievery Corporation-Lebanese Blonde  
Climax Blues Band-Children Of The Nighttime    
Rachel Sweet-Voodoo    
Tracey Thorn-Hormones    
The Cars-Blue Tip  
Billy Joel-She's Right On Time    
Suzi Quatro-I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew    
Eleanor McEvoy-Look Like Me    
Robert Byrne-I Did It All For Love   
Eric Matthews-Fried Out Broken Girl  
Norwegian Fords-Fit In    
Larry John McNally-Sleep On It    
XTC-Holly Up On Poppy    
Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers-First Flash Of Freedom    
Gene Cotton-Like A Sunday In Salem (The Amos & Andy Show)  
Suzanne Vega-Marlene On The Wall    
Sparks-Amateur Hour    
Basia-More Fire Than Flame   
Lewis Taylor-Lovelight    
Chris Rea-On The Beach    
Chicago-You Are On My Mind  
Mom's Apple Pie-Happy Days   
Paul Simon-Love Is Eternal Sacred Light    
Howard Jones-Always Asking Questions    
Jim Gilstrap-Swing Your Daddy     
Los Charlys Orchestra-Make A Move    
Dead Or Alive-I'll Save You All My Kisses  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 5-17-11

Dr. Jam & Laguna Lou take over The UnCola for one night to present Radio Geyster

Geyster-Radio Geyster 1977 Intro  
Geyster-A Change For The Better  
Doobie Bros-Little Darlin' (I Need You)  
Boz Scaggs-Georgia  
10cc-Marriage Bureau Rendezvous  
Geyster-Sugar Baby (Dawn Remix)  
Steely Dan-The Fez  
Lee Ritenour-Fly By Night  
Melissa Manchester-Monkey See Monkey Do  
Alan Parsons Project-I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You  
Fleetwood Mac-I Don't Want To Know  
Evie Sands-A Woman's Work Is Never Done  
Little Feat-Time Loves A Hero  
Beach Boys-Sail On Sailor  
Sweet-Funk It Up (David's Song)  
Andrew Gold-Genevieve  
Peter Frampton-(Putting My) Heart On The Line  
Gino Vannelli-Fly Into This Night 
Ned Doheny-Get It Up For Love  
Sergio Mendes and the New Brasil '77-The Real Thing  
Geyster-Holding On  
Eric Tagg-Got To Be Lovin' You  
Pablo Cruise-A Place In The Sun  
Andy Pratt-Karen's Song 
Robert Palmer-Give Me An Inch
Geyster-Highway To The Sun

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Radio Geyster takes over The UnCola

This Tuesday at 8pm, The UnCola will be taken over by Radio Geyster 103.9FM in honor of the release of Geyster's new album, Radio Geyster 1977. Doctor Jam will be leading us through some new & older Geyster tunes as well as some great WestCoast favorites.

Join us Tuesday night on!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 5-10-11: 40 Reasons We Love Lisa

Three Dog Night-Joy To The World  
Jamiroquai-Little L  
Billy Ocean-Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)  
Bill Withers-Kissing My Love  
Tom Jones-She's A Lady   
Hall & Oates-Everytime You Go Away  
Squeeze-Woman's World  
Tears For Fears-Closest Thing To Heaven  
Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová-Falling Slowly  
Jonatha Brooke-Steady Pull  
Cat Power-New York  
Dixie Chicks-Landslide  
Billy Preston-You Are So Beautiful  
Jellyfish-New Mistake  
CCR-Looking Out My Back Door  
Dirty Vegas-Days Go By  
Janis Joplin-Me & Bobby McGee  
Joe Jackson-Be My Number Two  
Flight Of the Conchords-Mutha'Uckas  
Remy Shand-Take A Message 
Ephraim Lewis-Drowning In Your Eyes
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young-Our House
Billy Joel-You're My Home
Stevie Wonder-Isn't She Lovely

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 5-3-11

The Cheeksters-A Couple Of Years Ago  
The Jam-Stoned Out Of My Mind  
Joe Jackson-It's Different For Girls  
New Radicals-Jehovah Made This Whole Joint For You  
Dexy's Midnight Runners-Geno  
Phoebe Snow-Love Makes A Woman  
Phoebe Snow-Shakey Ground (live) 
Grenades For The Wall-The Soundtrack Of My Life  
Michael Franks-Popsicle Toes  
The Cheeksters-Who Said Life Would Be Easy  
Heaven 17-Temptation  
David Bowie-Oh! You Pretty Things 
Amen Corner-Hello Suzie    
Level 42-Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight  
Sia-You've Changed  
Geyster-A Change For The Better  
Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill  
World Party-Is It Like Today  
Tracie-The House That Jack Built 
XTC Song Of The Week: Don't Lose Your Temper  
The Cheeksters-The Sleepers  
Thomas Dolby-Hyperactive  
Essra Mohawk-I Wanna Feel Ya  
Bill LaBounty-Livin' It Up 
Derrick Berry-Running Away  
Tears For Fears-Mad World  
Tahiti 80-I.S.A.A.C.  
Missing Persons-Destination Unknown   
Asphalt Jungle-Freakin' Time 
The Cheeksters-Thrill Of A Lifetime

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 4-26-11

The Bizarro UnCola

Sniff N The Tears-Driver's Seat
Paul Young-I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
The Babys-Isn't It Time
Blow Monkeys-Digging Your Scene
Pete Wingfield-Eighteen With A Bullet
Scritti Politti-Perfect Way
Jane Child-Don't Wanna Fall In Love
West Coast Breeze: Gino Vannelli-People Gotta Move
Donnie Iris-Ah! Leah!
Simply Red-The Right Thing
Rupert Holmes-Him
The Buoys-Timothy
Horn Rock Blast: Chase-Get It On
Joe Jackson-You Can't Get What You Want (Till You Know What You Want)
Yes-Leave It
The UnSung Hero: M/A/R/R/S-Pump Up The Volume
Focus-Hocus Pocus
Steve Forbert-Romeo's Tune
Leo Sayer-Easy To Love
Jellybean-Sidewalk Talk
Breakfast Club-Right On Track
Tony Manero's Forgotten Dance Classic: Chic-Everybody Dance
Giant Steps-Another Lover
Brent Bourgeois-Dare To Fall In Love
The Art Of Noise w/Tom Jones-Kiss
Gilbert O'Sullivan-Get Down
Steel Breeze-You Don't Want Me Anymore
Frida-I Know There's Something Goin' On

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Bizarro UnCola

This Tuesday at 8PM est, we're gonna flip the format and play some 'remembered pop from the last 40 years'. We'll be playing 2 hours of Top 40 songs based on our favorites and your requests. This show has been in the works for a while, as per many email requests, so it should be a fun one. And it gives us a chance to play songs we wouldn't normally play. There's still time to get a request or two, so email me at

If you have an idea for a themed show that you'd like to hear, please contact us. We appreciate your feedback and support!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 4-12-11

Anoraak-Crazy Eyes
Konk-Love Attack
Martee Lebous-For David 
Plush-Soaring & Boring  
The Cheeksters-Home Is Where The Heart Is 
Paul Williams-Out In the Country
Depeche Mode-A Question Of Time 
Hamish Stuart-Care For You  
John Valenti-I'll Take You Back  
Duran Duran-Planet Earth  
Elbow With Love  
The Other Ones-We Are What We Are  
Deodato-Black Dog 
Blur-There's No Other Way 
Martin Briley-The Salt In My Tears 
Queen-Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy 
The The-Infected
Toad The Wet Sprocket-Stupid  
Rare Earth-It Makes You Happy (But It Ain't Gonna Last Too Long) 
Aura-Show Me The Way  
Fun Boy Three w/ Bananarama-It Ain't What You Do 
Frank Zappa-Bobby Brown Goes Down 
Donna Summer-Spring Affair  
Vitamin Z-Burning Flame 
Edgar Winter's White Trash-New Wave 
XTC-It's Nearly Africa 
Human League-Sky

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Uncola Playlist 4-5-11

Norwegian Fords-Surfing On the Sun
Samuel Purdey-Whatever I Do 
Andrew Gold-Never Let Her Slip Away 
David Pack-My Baby 
Cliff Richard-Under Lock & Key 
Level 42-Starchild 
The UnSung Hero: Starbuck-Bordello Bordeaux 
The 24th Street Band-Shoppin' Round Again  
Bugatti & Musker-Mystery Girl 
Norwegian Fords-Fit In 
Stephen Duffy-Unkiss That Kiss 
Nightshift-Cool Wind 
West Coast Breeeze: Pieces-Dance So Good 
Duran Duran-Girl Panic 
Forgotten Top 40: David Lasley-If I Had My Wish Tonight
Andreas Aleman-Your Version Of the Truth 
Philips MacLeod-Takin' It Easy 
Stephen Bishop-City Girl 
Norwegian Fords-Wonder What It Takes (To Take Your Girlfriend Home) 
Bill Wolfer-So Shy 
Style Council-Life At A Top People's Health Club Farm 
XTC Song of the Week: Frivolous Tonight
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen-When You Get Back
Sons Of Champlin-Imagination's Sake 
Norwegian Fords-I'll Be Dining Here Again
Steely Dan-Negative Girl
The Colourfield-Running Away
Tony Manero's Forgotten Dance Classic: Don Downing-Dream World
Norwegian Fords-Let Me Stalk You Home

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 3-29-11

Plan B-Writing's On The Wall 
Cado Belle-Infamous Mister
Godley & Creme-Wedding Bells  
Howard Jones-I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World)  
Re-Flex-Couldn't Stand A Day 
Gary Wright-Can't Find The Judge 
Walter Becker-Girlfriend 
WestCoast Breeze: Footloose-Time Is Right 
Frank Zappa-Cosmik Debris 
Pepsi & Shirlie-All Right Now 
Tears For Fears-Dog's A Best Friend's Dog 
Jon Astley-Jane's Getting Serious
Horn Rock Blast: The Ides Of March-Superman 
Ambrosia-Dancin' By Myself 
Forgotten Top 40: New Radicals-You Get What You Give
Easy Street-Feels Like Heaven 
Kere Buchanan-Never Be Another Next Time 
Squeeze-Cigarette Of A Single Man 
Ian Matthews-Don't Hang Up Your Dancing Shoes 
Tommy Sparks-She's Got Me Dancing 
XTC Song Of The Week: Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!) 
Q-Feel-Dancing In Heaven (Orbital Be-Bop)
Joy Askew-I Could Be Dancing
Hall & Oates-Time's Up (Alone Tonight) 
Wet Wet Wet-Sweet Little Mystery
Pet Shop Boys-So Hard
Tony Manero's Forgotten Dance Classic: Olympic Runners-The Bitch
Steve Winwood-Talking Back To The Night

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 3-22-11

Red Box-Lean On Me (Ah-Li Yo)
Pomplamoose-Achin' Heart
Brand New Heavies-Dream Come True
Brian Elliot-Queen Of Clowns (One For Lily T)
The Fleshtones-Rats In My Kitchen
Jonatha Brooke-He's A Runner
Phoebe Snow-Games
Smooth Reunion-Video Band
Eighth Wonder-Cross My Heart
WestCoast Breeze: PS-Telephone
Scritti Politti-A Day Late And A Dollar Short
Lisa Stansfield-Never Never Gonna Give You Up
Lake-On The Run
Horn Rock Blast: Sly Stone-Crossword Puzzle
Deon Estus-Spell
Forgotten Top 40: Atlanta Rhythm Section-Alien
The Movies-No Class
Raphael Saadiq-100 Yard Dash
Ben Sidran-Hi-Fly
Peter Murphy-Cuts You Up
Mandoo-Another One
Sad Cafe-Every Day Hurts
XTC Song of the Week: Mermaid Smiled
Everything But The Girl-Driving
Bee Gees-Bodyguard
Jane Child-Welcome To The Real World
The Fleshtones-Shadowline

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 3-15-11

The UnCola Gets Under The Covers, Vol. 1

The Pasadenas-I'm Doing Fine Now
Shawn Lee-Wichita Lineman
Burton Cummings-You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
Aimee Mann-One
Graham Parker-I Want You Back (Alive) 
State Cows-Georgy Porgy
Horn Rock Blast: Dreams-Medicated Goo
Fantastic Plastic Machine-Steppin' Out
Joe Jackson-King Of The World
Average White Band-Work To Do
Isley Brothers-Hello It's Me
Todd Rundgren-Rain
Robert Palmer-Can't We Still Be Friends
Forgotten Top 40: Wednesday-Last Kiss
Paul Weller-Thinking Of You
West Coast Breeeze: Melissa Manchester-Bad Weather
Hall & Oates-Someday We'll Know
The Bird & The Bee-Maneater
Seu Jorge-Rebel Rebel
Swing Out Sister-Am I The Same Girl?
XTC Song of the Week: All Along The Watchtower
Ruben Blades-The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Boz Scaggs-Freedom For The Stallion
Kane Gang-Don't Look Any Further
Ivy-Let's Go To Bed
The UnSung Hero: The Art Of Noise-Peter Gunn featuring Duane Eddy
Ben Folds-Bitches Ain't Shit

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 3-8-11

Crowded House-Don't Stop Now
Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Törnqvist-Josie
Fotomaker-Two Can Make It Work
Smooth Reunion-The Connection
Donald Fagen-Tomorrow's Girls
WestCoast Breeeze: Jay Gruska-Which One Of Us Is Me
Samantha Sang-You Keep Me Dancing
They Might Be Giants-Don't Let Start
Liz Phair-Stratford-On-Guy
Horn Rock Blast: Chicago-I'm A Man
Dexy's Midnight Runners-Jackie Wilson Said (I'm In Heaven)
Lush-Single Girl
Forgotten Top 40: Sweathog-Hallelujah
Haircut 100-Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl)
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Ball And Chain
Toronto-Your Daddy Don't Know
Pulp-Common People
Eight Seconds-Kiss You (When It's Dangerous)
XTC Song Of The Week: Ten Feet Tall
David Wilcox-Leave It Like It Is
World Party-Give It All Away
General Public-Too Much Or Nothing
Rosie-The Knockout Kind
Tori Amos-Cornflake Girl
The UnSung Hero: Ramsey Lewis-Spring High
Corin & Edman-You'll Be Hearing From Me

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The UnCola 3-1-11 Playlist

Thomas Jefferson Kaye-American Lovers
Dr. Calculus-Full Of Love
Roger Joseph Manning-The Turnstile At Heaven's Gate
Talk Talk-Life's What You Make It
Pink Computer-Still In Love
Peter Skellern-Hold On To Love
Thompson Twins-Flower Girl
XTC Song of The Week: Pink Thing
Marmalade-Falling Apart At The Seams
Lewis Taylor-The Leader Of The Band
Tears For Fears-Change
Crack The Sky-Poptown
David Roberts-Wrong Side Of The Tracks
Kate Taylor-It's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)
Jay Ferguson-Shakedown Cruise
Tahiti 80-Big Day
Toni Childs-Don't Walk Away
Konk-Konk Party
Calvin Harris-Colours
Supertramp-Hide In Your Shell
China Crisis-The Highest High
Rhythm Heritage-Three Days Of The Condor
Mildred-Color Me
Geyster-New York
Blow Monkeys-Sweet Murder (remix)
Bert Sommer-Give It To Me
INXS-Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)
Planet P Project-Why?
Aimee Mann-King Of The Jailhouse