Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The UnCola 12-30-14 Playlist

The December Tributes - Leftovers Edition

Wings-Cafe On The Left Bank
Style Council-Speak Like A Child
Billy Joel-The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
XTC-Hold Me My Daddy
The Jam-And Your Bird Can Sing
Billy Joel-Back In The USSR
Colin's Hermits-Strawberry Fields Forever
Paul McCartney-And I Love Her
Paul McCartney & Wings-Single Pigeon
Billy Joel-You Can Make Me Free
Paul Weller-Fly Little Bird
Joe Jackson-Statue Of Liberty
Lulu featuring Paul McCartney-Inside Thing (Let Em In)
Cultured Pearls-Uh Huh Oh Yeah
Moxy Fruvous-And So It Goes
The Jam-The Eton Rifles
XTC-Living Through Another Cuba
Paul McCartney-Pipes Of Peace
Billy Joel-Goodnight Saigon
Percy "Thrills" Thrillington-Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
Style Council-Mick's Blessings
Billy Joel-Root Beer Rag
XTC-Homo Safari
Billy Joel-Maybe I'm Amazed
Paul McCartney-The Glory Of Love
XTC-Ella Guru
Paul Weller-Close To You
XTC-Chalkhills And Children

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The UnCola 12-23-14 Playlist

A Tribute to XTC

This Is Pop
Wake Up
Across This Antheap
Love At First Sight
Blame The Weather
The Disappointed
The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men
No Thugs In Our House
Life Begins At The Hop
You're The Wish You Are I Had
Dukes of Stratosphere-Brainiac's Daughter
I'd Like That
Stupidly Happy

The UnCola Classic Album: XTC-Skylarking
Summer's Cauldron
The Meeting Place
That's Really Super, Supergirl
Ballet For A Rainy Day
1000 Umbrellas
Season Cycle
Earn Enough For Us
Big Day
Another Satellite
Mermaid Smiled
The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Dear God
Sacrificial Bonfire

King For A Day
The Three Wise Men-Countdown To Christmas Party Time

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The UnCola 12-16-14 Playlist

A Tribute To Billy Joel

Get It Right The First Time
You're My Home
Los Angelenos
Oyster Bay
Hey Girl
Christie Lee
All For Leyna
Live And Let Die
The Hassles-Every Step I Take (Every Move I Make)
Why Judy Why
Christmas In Fallujah
She's Right On Time
No Man's Land
I've Loved These Days
Storm Front
Why Should I Worry?
Only A Man
The Mexican Connection
Captain Jack
Nobody Knows But Me
Running On Ice
Summer, Highland Falls
Lullabye (Goodnight My Angel)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The UnCola 12-9-14 Playlist

A Tribute to Paul Weller - The Modfather

The Jam-Start!
Style Council-Headstart For Happiness
Paul Weller-Sunflower
Style Council-The Lodgers
The Jam-Town Called Malice
Paul Weller-That Dangerous Age
Style Council-A Solid Bond In Your Heart
The Jam-Absolute Beginners
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-What You Give Is What You Get
Paul Weller-Broken Stones
Style Council-How She Threw It All Away
Paul Weller-Thinking Of You
The Jam-Move On Up
Style Council-Love Pains
Morrissey-That's Entertainment
Paul Weller-Brand New Toy
The Jam-In The City
Style Council-Internationalists
Minnie Driver-Wild Wood
Paul Weller-Aim High
Style Council-Wanted
Paul Weller-Peacock Suit
The Jam-Beat Surrender
Paul Weller-Sweet Pea, My Sweet Pea
Paul Weller-It's Written In The Stars
Style Council-Walls Come Tumbling Down
Paul Weller-Round & Round
The Jam-Strange Town
Paul Weller-Here's The Good News
Style Council-Long Hot Summer ['89 Mix]
Paul Weller-Push It Along
The Jam-Just Who Is The 5 O'Clock Hero
The Jam-Stoned Out Of Mind

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The UnCola 12-2-14 Playlist

A Tribute to Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney & Wings-Let Me Roll It
Paul McCartney-Figure Of Eight
Paul McCartney-New
Paul McCartney-Little Willow
Paul McCartney-The Pound Is Sinking
Paul McCartney-Coming Up
Paul McCartney & Wings-Get On The Right Thing
Paul McCartney-Biker Like A Icon
Wings-Love In Song
The Airborne Toxic Event-No More Lonely Nights
Paul & Linda McCartney-The Back Seat Of My Car
Paul McCartney-See Your Sunshine
Wings-Love My Baby
Wings-Bluebird (live)
Paul McCartney-Here There And Everywhere
Paul McCartney-Teddy Boy
Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson-The Man
Jellyfish-Jet (live)
Paul McCartney-Too Much Rain
Wings-San Ferry Anne
Wings-Rockestra Theme
Paul McCartney-Simple As That
Jamie Cullum-Every Night
Paul McCartney-I'll Give You A Ring
Paul McCartney-No Values
Paul McCartney & Wings-Tragedy
Paul McCartney-Ou Est Le Soleil