Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Uncola Playlist 4-5-11

Norwegian Fords-Surfing On the Sun
Samuel Purdey-Whatever I Do 
Andrew Gold-Never Let Her Slip Away 
David Pack-My Baby 
Cliff Richard-Under Lock & Key 
Level 42-Starchild 
The UnSung Hero: Starbuck-Bordello Bordeaux 
The 24th Street Band-Shoppin' Round Again  
Bugatti & Musker-Mystery Girl 
Norwegian Fords-Fit In 
Stephen Duffy-Unkiss That Kiss 
Nightshift-Cool Wind 
West Coast Breeeze: Pieces-Dance So Good 
Duran Duran-Girl Panic 
Forgotten Top 40: David Lasley-If I Had My Wish Tonight
Andreas Aleman-Your Version Of the Truth 
Philips MacLeod-Takin' It Easy 
Stephen Bishop-City Girl 
Norwegian Fords-Wonder What It Takes (To Take Your Girlfriend Home) 
Bill Wolfer-So Shy 
Style Council-Life At A Top People's Health Club Farm 
XTC Song of the Week: Frivolous Tonight
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen-When You Get Back
Sons Of Champlin-Imagination's Sake 
Norwegian Fords-I'll Be Dining Here Again
Steely Dan-Negative Girl
The Colourfield-Running Away
Tony Manero's Forgotten Dance Classic: Don Downing-Dream World
Norwegian Fords-Let Me Stalk You Home

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