Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The UnCola 3-29-22 Playlist

Lostinwhite-Do It
The Colourfield-Running Away
Private Pink-Little High Things
Curiosity-Gimme The Sunshine
Ben Varian-One Hundred Breakfasts With the Book
Eric Matthews-Well Known Liar
Dexy's Midnight Runners-Burn It Down
Emilíana Torrini-Easy
Dee Carstensen-The Map
The Grass Roots-The Runway
Paprico-Miss Larson
Two Another-Someday
Josie Dunne-Point feat. Joan
Franz Ferdinand-Curious
Mamas Gun-Good Love
Louise-Arms Around the World
Chunky, Novi & Ernie-Didn't Wanna Hurt Cha for Another Guy
Ernie Watts-Hold On
L.A.B.-All Night
Masaki Matsubara-Silly Crush
Liam Finn-Cold Feet
Ping Pong-Someway
The Sound-Party of the Mind

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

The UnCola 3-22-22 Playlist

The UnCola Goes Long, Vol. 7

Double Dee-Cable Peace
Selection-Ride the Beam (Remix)
Teaspoon & the Waves-Friday Night
St. Paul Peterson-I Couldn't Do It Without You
Uptown Funk Empire-I Guess That You Don't Mind (feat. JRM)
Humble Souls-Quiet Dawn
Terry Callier-You're Goin' Miss Your Candyman
Max Zuckerman-The Guru
Jaguar-That's Your Problem Baby
Steve Walsh-Letters Of Love
Sally Shapiro-Fading Away
Martha Redbone-Atlas
Devon Gilfillian-Right On
Allen Hoist-You'll Never Know 
Sinto-Right On Brother
Soft Cell-New Eden

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The UnCola 3-15-22 Playlist

Saskwatch-Give Me a Reason
Tanita Tikaram-If I Ever
Anne Linnet Band-Cha Cha Cha
Eon-Biggest Joke In Town
Johnossi-Man Must Dance
Jo Mama-Lighten Up, Tighten Up
Superbus-Ça Mousse
Clark Datchler-The State Of Play
Roberta Vandervort-Let Me Love You That Much
The Ides of March-Hymn for Her
Llorca-The Garden (feat. Michael Barthelemy)
The Zebras-Paradise Garage
Victor Davies-Brother
Al Green-Keep Me Cryin'
John Howard-Where Did the Boy Go?
Bandicoot-Early in the Morning
Archie the Goldfish-Begin Again
Joel Sarakula-Sun Goes Down
Moniquea-How I Get Down (feat. Moon Riders)
Dreamer Isioma-Sunset Drive
Les McCann-Got to Hustle to Survive
The M-Zee Band-Doctor Rhythm
Outside-The Plan
Lemon-Me and the Blue
Yola-Barely Alive
Richard Evans-Funky Day
Gene Dunlap-Party In Me

Tuesday, March 8, 2022

The UnCola 3-8-22 Playlist

A Tribute to Tears For Fears

Tears for Fears-Broken
Tears for Fears-Break The Man
Tears for Fears-The Hurting
Tears for Fears-Size of Sorrow
Tears for Fears-Mothers Talk (Live At Massey Hall, 1985)
Tears for Fears-Year Of The Knife
Tears for Fears-Dog's A Best Friend's Dog
Curt Smith-Suffer the Silence
Roland Orzabal-Bullets For Brains
Reggie Watts-Bomb Song (feat. Tears For Fears)
Tears for Fears-What Are We Fighting For
Patti Smith-Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Oleta Adams-Circle of One
Gary Jules-Mad World (w/ Micheal Andrews)
Graduate-Elvis Should Play Ska
Mancrab-Fish For Life
Tears for Fears-Break It Down Again (Acoustic Version)
Gail Ann Dorsey-Whether You Are the One
Tears for Fears-Let It All Evolve
Tears for Fears-My Girls
Tears for Fears-Sea Song
Hayseed Dixie-Shout
Tears for Fears-The Way You Are
Mayfield-Sun King
Tears for Fears-No Small Thing
Tears for Fears-Rhythm Of Life (demo)
Tears for Fears-Goodnight Song

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The UnCola 3-1-22 Playlist

Forgotten Pop from the 70s, Vol. 19

Aural Exciters-Spooks In Space
3rd Avenue Blues Band-If You Don't Want Me
Don Agrati-One Man Woman
Alkatraz-Red Lights
Mary Watkins-Yesterday's Children
Jack Wild-(Holy Moses!) Everything's Coming Up Roses
Joey Dyser-100 Years
Ypsilon-Day Of The Dove
Neil Harrison-I Need A Friend Like You
Chris White-Don’t Look Down
Champion-It's Your Life
Doctor Father-Umbopo
The Squares-Stop Being a Boy
Hamlet-Jimmy Watts
Gordon Grody-How About Me
Lick N Stick-Take It Easy
Ray Dahrouge-Steppin' Out
Zuider Zee-Listen To the Words
Doris Abrahams-Sunlight
Drama-Mary's Mamma
Change-Hey, It's Alright
Neil Innes-What Noise Annoys A Noisy Oyster
Thesda-Bongo Lumbo
Ellerine Harding-To Whom It May Concern (All I Need)
Gaston-Clock In
Mike James Kirkland-Love Insurance
Cano-Le Vieux Médéric
Marina Lima-Muito
Rajie-The Tokyo Taste
Ollie Baba-Do It Good