Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 6-21-11

Todd Rundgren-Drive  
Utopia-My Angel  
Todd Rundgren-The Range War  
Cheap Trick-Heaven's Falling    
Todd Rundgren-Song Of The Viking  
Todd Rundgren-They're Red Hot   
Todd Rundgren-I'm So Proud/ Ooh Baby Baby/ La La Means I Love You/ Cool Jerk Medley  
Todd Rundgren-Mighty Love    
Todd Rundgren-Bluebird Is Dead  
Todd Rundgren & Daryl Hall-You Got It    
Todd Rundgren-The Want Of A Nail   
Todd Rundgren-I Don't Want To Tie You Down    
XTC-Summer's Cauldron  
Utopia-You Make Me Crazy    
Todd Rundgren-I Think You Know    
Todd Rundgren-We Gotta Get You A Woman    
Todd Rundgren-Sweet    
Todd Rundgren-Compassion    
Utopia-Hoi Poloi    
The Pursuit Of Happiness-She's So Young   
Todd Rundgren-Black And White   
New Cars-I Saw The Light   
Todd Rundgren-Be Nice To Me  
Todd Rundgren-Change Myself    
Todd Rundgren-Onomatopoeia    
Todd Rundgren-When The Shit Hits The Fan/ Sunset Blvd   
Utopia-Swing To The Right  
Todd Rundgren-Don't You Ever Learn?

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