Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Countdown To Ecstasy: The UnCola's 100th Show with Fagen & Becker

Has your mind turned to applesauce? Are you having trouble getting those gaucho amigos out of your home? Is someone digging a ditch out in the valley just for you?

Well on Tuesday October 4th at 8PM on, The UnCola brings you a world full of salads & sun: 2 hours of Steely Dan, Donald Fagen & Walter Becker - deepcuts, live tracks, covers, rare demos but no Top 40 hits (we'd rather pan fry the big ones). There won't be any all. Fill your shells with Kirschwasser or Zombies and fit those Steely Dan t-shirts around those shapely bodies, as the UnCola's breaks out the hats & hooters for their 100th show. It's pure science with a splash of black cat. Or Katy would say, the sparkle of your china, the shine of your Japan (but she lies).

So if you hear from my Louise, tell her bobbing for apples can wait. Join us Tuesday night for all things Becker & Fagen and sign in stranger.

It's the sweetness you've been crying for!

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