Tuesday, April 30, 2024

The UnCola 4-30-24 Playlist

Forgotten Pop from the 70s, Vol. 22
Grinder's Switch-And Don't Be Late
Mt. Airy-Grizzly Bear
Larry Weiss-Sheldon
Gunhill Road-She Made a Man Out of Me
Judy Freeman-Hold On
Jason Lee-Love Is All I Need
The Surprise Sisters-La Booga Rooga
City Lights-Changes In The World
David Byron-Baby Faced Killer
Robert John-Give A Little
Wadsworth Mansion-Michigan Harry Slaughter
Patricia Dahlquist-Keep Our Love Alive
North End-Kind of Life (Kind of Love)
Curtis Knight With Zeus-New Horizon
Bossa Rio-With Your Love Now
Chuck Senrick-Don't Be so Nice
Dobie Gray-All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You
Ronnie McNeir-Wendy Is Gone
Larry Norman-Baroquen Spirits
Bill Lovelady-Reggae For It Now
The Dictators-Sleepin' With the TV On
Jean Shy-Roller Derby World
Kenny-The Bump
James Montgomery-Working On A Love Affair
Charles Bevel-Sally B. White
Michael Wendroff-Louise
Steeplechase-Lady Bright
Sparrow-I'm Coming Back
Racing Cars-They Shoot Horses Don't They?
Violinski-Clog Dance
Legs Diamond-Flyin' Too High
Rabbit-Lady La Di Da

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The UnCola 4-23-24 Playlist

Rilo Kiley-Dreamworld
Nervous Eaters-Wild Eyes
Kelis-Good Stuff (feat. Terrar)
Nick Vivid-Empire State of Mind Part IV
Marvin The Paranoid Android-Marvin I Love You
Ian Lloyd-Straight From the Heart
Eggs Over Easy-The Factory
Funk You-Long Distance Lovers
Bell Biv Devoe-Run
Eric Gadd-Riding High
Sprinkler-Stop Complaining (Demo)
Nielsen Pearson-Two Lonely Nights
Lucy Rose-Over When It's Over
Ruth Theodore-Hold on Me
Rachel Chinouriri-What A Devastating Turn Of Events
Eighty-Right Love
Solitary Bee-Love Wakes Up
Cape Sleep-I Want to Be Your Friend
The Big Dish-Big Town
Roxette-Neverending Love
Toy Matinee-Last Plane Out
Ol' Paint-I'm A Natural Man
Mingo Lewis-Trapezoid
Roosevelt-Easy Way Out

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The UnCola 4-16-24 Playlist

Yatte & Duett-Man in the Shadow
Seven-Hope We Will Be
Yellow Dog-Up In The Balcony
Julian Lennon-Saltwater
I-Level-Stone Heart
Willie West-Fairchild
Donna Regina-Why
Res-They-Say Vision
Brother Strut-Delicious
Bernhoft-Feel It The Same
Hey Hey My My-Easy
Pattie Brooks-After Dark
Ingram-Smoothin' Groovin'
Bicka Band-Parallel Living
Roseye-Expectations (feat. Hessel Du Mark)
Sheer Mag-Moonstruck
Jimmy Montague-The Smoke After the Kill
Alice Russell-Rain
Dabeull-Body Heat (feat. Holybrune)
ZÖE-Sunshine On a Rainy Day
Clarice Falcão-Truque
Charlie Puth-Change (feat. James Taylor)
Ambulance Ltd-Arbuckle's Swan Song
Bob Pults-Keys (On The Blue Ocean)
Mel and Tim-Keep the Faith
Poor Man Richie-What It Takes (To Love You)
Chocolate Milk-Girl Callin'

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

The UnCola 4-9-24 Playlist

Christine and the Queens-Girlfriend (feat. Dâm-Funk)
Alex Puddu-Weekend At the Club Paradiso
APB-Open Your Eyes
Bill Nelson's Red Noise-Furniture Music
The Painted Word-Life
Julie Peel-Sister
Lloyd Cole and The Commotions-My Bag
Ed Ling-Everything Is Overground
Supercharge-I Can See Right Thru' You
The Long Ryders-Looking for Lewis and Clark
Genesis-Lilywhite Lilith
Toxic Vegan-Robo Girl
Icehouse-Big Wheel
Pharrell Williams-11:11
Michelle David and The True-Tones-Brothers and Sisters
Marc Valentine-Strange Weather
The Church-Realm of Minor Angels
Gerry Beckley-Crazy
Ice Choir-The Garden of Verse
Funkapolitan-As The Time Goes By
Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity
October London-Mulholland Drive 
Arnold McCullar-Gringo
Phill Edwards-Mysterious
Vernon Burch-Get Up

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The UnCola 4-2-24 Playlist

The UnCola's Favorites of 2024...so far, Vol. 1

Great Good Fine OK-Led Me to You
Juppe-Was It Good for You?
Space Kitchen-Lovin' 9 To 5
Malted Milk-Love For Yourself
The Real Numbers-Lydia Pinkham
BrhyM-Deep Blue
Nectar Woode-Nothing To Lose
Dee C. Lee-Walk Away
Flo Naegeli-Home
The Norwegian Fords-The Pre-Oscar Divorce
Sapphire Sun-Velvetile
Mooon-Living In The Night
Day Dreems-F Natural
Elephant Stone-The Spark
Down to Earth-It's A Beautiful Day
Dent May-Coasting On Fumes (feat. Jordana)
Diane Birch-Used to Lovin' You
Principles Of Joy-Girls Be Like
Paul Weller-Soul Wandering
Lumi-Strong Enough
Paula Cole-The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr
Jamie Turner-Ordinary Song
Crowded House-Oh Hi
Andy Wood Mitchell-Absent Friend
Jesse Barrera-Supersonic
Ninja Sex Party-Dance 'Til You Stop
Picturebox-Office of Compline
TMF The Music Forever-Making Love to the Music