Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The UnCola 12-20-11 Playlist

Mr. President-Meet Again
Browning Bryant-Liverpool Fool
Level 42-The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)
Jamiroquai-Love Foolosophy
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings-Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects
Junior Senior-Take My Time
Seawind featuring Marlene-Summer Nights
Lisa Bolar-Santa Can I Have A New Boyfriend?
Scritti Politti-The Word Girl (Flesh & Blood)
Prefab Sprout-Wild Horses
Duncan Browne-Fauvette
XTC-Thanks For Christmas
Raphael Saadiq-Over You
Hal-Softly Spoken

The Beach Boys- Smile (from 2011's Smile Sessions)
Our Prayer
Heroes And Villains
Do You Like Worms (Roll Plymouth Rock)
I'm In Great Shape
My Only Sunshine (The Old Master Painter/ You Are My Sunshine)
Cabin Essence
Look (Song For Children)
Child Is Father of The Man
Surf's Up
I Wanna Be Around/ Workshop
Wind Chimes
The Elements: Fire (Mrs. O'Leary's Cow)
Love To Say Dada
Good Vibrations

Paul Steel-In A Coma

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The UnCola 12-13-11 Playlist

The Nile Rodgers Tribute
Chic-Chic Cheer  
Chic-Rebels Are We  
Norma Jean-I Like Love  
Sister Sledge-Thinking Of You  
Chic-Just Out Of Reach  
Johnny Mathis-It's Alright To Love Me  
Chic-Soup For One  
Chic-Doin' That Thing To Me  
Debbie Harry-The Jam Was Moving  
Chic-You Are Beautiful  
David Bowie-Shake It  
Chic-My Forbidden Lover  
Chic-When You Love Someone  
Nile Rodgers-Yum Yum  
Chic-Stage Fright  
Diana Ross-Friend To Friend [Chic mix]  
Fonzi Thornton-I'll Change My Game  
B-52s-Dry County  
Chic-Happy Man  
Carly Simon-Why  
Chic-What About Me  
Sister Sledge-Got To Love Somebody  
Chic-So Fine  
Chic-Strike Up The Band  
Chic-Real People 
Chic-You Can't Do It Alone

Monday, December 12, 2011

Giving Love Instinctively

Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edawrds got the biggest gig of their life when in 1980 they were asked by Motown to write & produce Diana Ross' next album. Diana ended up withe biggest album of her career. Motown got a much needed hit. Music fans got a solid albums and 2 monster singles, Upside Down & I'm Coming Out. The only losers in the deal were Nile & Nard. Seems that after Nile & Nard submitted the album to the Motown execs, they had it rejected. They stood defiant and said we're not changing a thing, so Motown took all the tapes, remixed it and released it a new mix themselves. Now I've heard both mixes and it's very hard for me to be subjective since I'm so used to the Motown mixed versions. It's not the Chic mixes were bad. I just think Motown felt that Diana needed a little more sugar. Plus the Motown mixes put Diana out front & center and being the diva she was and is, that made perfect sense. But it definitely was a blow to Nard & Nile's ego. The fact they still had hits and continued to do so only proved that these guys had the goods. Upside Down (with Michael Jackson on backing chorus vocals) and I'm Coming Out showed that the Chic Org excelled first and foremost on jamming & breaking it down. Upside Down is straight disco funk, creating a groove that was unique to any other record at the time. Lyrically Diana's talking about hanging with an unfaithful dude cause she's still in love with him, but the music makes you think Diana's in complete control of the relationship. I'm Coming Out is the most direct way a mainstream icon connected with their gay following. From the climactic build starting with the insistant guitar of Nile, you just wait for that beat to drop in. Then when they fall out in the middle again (the part P.Diddy sampled by Notorious BIG's Mo Money Mo Problems) Tony's thick drumming doubles that intro's sensation until the big final release. And Meco, the bandleader who hit #1 with the Star Wars Theme in 1977, plays a trombone solo. Smooth yet heavy, always classy funk! Here's the Chic mix of Upside Down: Here's the one we all remember: Here's I'm Coming Out:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Clams on the Half-shell and Rollerskates

It was sad that Chic never had any more Top 40 hits after they released Good Times, but in a way it makes sense. Not that they didn't have good songs after this - they certainly did. And I'm sure they didn't want the ride to end. But if you're gonna out, at least in the public's eye, this is the song to go out on.

This tune turned Chic from some disco group with a few hits to one of the most important bands in history. The entire next decade of music suddenly had a pivot point from the moment Nard dropped his bass out on the 4. How can you fully quantify the influence of a song that, at once, instantly makes B-boys from the Bronx and New romantics from Britain want to start a band? There wasn't a block party happening without this tune. Every New Wave bass player wanted to be Bernard Edwards and every rhythm guitarist wanted to be Nile Rodgers. This was the spark in the fire of rap & new wave simultaneously. That's pretty amazing.

And whether I'm digging on this jazz funk that Chic lays down for 8 minutes, singing along with Fonzi Thornton as he hits his third over Alfa & Luci on the chorus or slap my hand in the air on cue with the string slide at the start of the breakdown, I can't help but feel the inner sadness at the heart of this record. Yes these are the good times. That's what they're saying, followed by 'a rumor has it that it's getting late. Time marches on, just can't can't change your fate.' Should I be dancing or crying? Nile knew the party was over as they hoped they it would never end. That's they captured both feelings in this song is a measure of Nile & Nard's talent. That a rappin granny spit a few verses of Rapper's Delight over this groove in The Wedding Singer is a measure of how little we treasure it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Want...Your Love

I've always had this idea for a scene in a movie that I hoped to insert in whatever screenplay I end up finishing. Two guys walk into a church needed to speak with a priest about a very important issue. One guy is very serious and impatient, the other is easily bored and a goofball. Guy one tells guy two wait inside the church while he finds the priest and leaves. Guy 2 comes across a table full of hand bells. He picks one up, rings it tentatively, picks up another and rings it louder. Then in perfect rhythm he rings them, duplicating the chorus of Chic's, I Want Your Love. Ding, dong. Ding dong. Ding dong.........dong ding. Guy 1 finds him, tells him to knock it off and follow him.

There's not much of a joke there, I know, and it's weird describing it out of context. But for me, it would me a personal nod to Nile Rodgers, a 'joke' I would share with a guy I never met. A way of telling him how much I love that song. And I do.

From 1978's C'est Chic, it may be my favorite Chic song as well as my favorite 'Nard bass line. I sing along with that bass part every time I hear that song, out of habit. Don't even realize I'm doing it. With it's robotic yet demanding chorus and jazzy melancholic vibe, it just gets me every time. I can't really explain it. But if it gets you too, I don't need to.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


As a kid I always loved Chic, but mostly I loved the name. The fact that it looked like you would say 'chick' but it was pronounced 'sheek'. Something that seemed so smooth and cool would be so dirty & funky. Chic really began as a proper band with their 2nd album, C'est Chic. The architects, Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards would try to be anonymous or at least hide behind their two new female leads, Alfa Anderson & Luci Martin. But how could one not wanna know who was chicken scratching on guitar or playing the smoothest funk bass of all time? Not me. I wanted to know the guys behind the curtain. Le Freak is a great example of how Chic got the disco label out of timing and circumstance. Actually this is a great funk record. I love how the bass drops out on the chorus, then kicks it on the verses, especially getting funky on the climactic breakdown. Nard plays so effortlessly, it puts all bass players before or after to shame. Nile is relentless on rhythm guitar driving the song all the through with his percussive playing. It almost feels like he's pushing everyone up the hill, esp on that breakdown. It ended selling 6 million records as a single, the best ever for Atlantic Records. I remember when the song was out that every time we would pass Le Frak city in Queens on the Long Island Expressway, I would sing Le Frak Its back. Frak out!. Yeah it's dumb, I was 7. I thought the 2 were related somehow. I also have this memory of coming home from JFK after vacationing in Florida at Christmas time, walking into our house, late at night, after the super long delay, coming home in the snow. The song that was playing on the radio when we walked in the door was Le Freak. Why do I still remember that? Who knows? I don't know much about the Freak as a dance. But once I was hanging out in an old roller rink that was a converted dance club with some new friends. They took me there to listen to some band whose music was forgettable. During their break, the DJ put on a few disco records and the floor filled up. Keep in mind that this was 1990. People still thought that the 70s were a joke, especially disco. The 80s did a number on the reputation of the preceding decade. It was very rare to hear the music on the radio or even buy it in the stores. When the DJ dropped Le Freak, people started screaming. I couldn't believe it. Everyone who was in that club was on the floor and it was packed tight. The girl I was dancing with was having a religious experience. Rather than question any of it (which I did later) I completely went with it and about a couple hundred of us did the Freak in unison. I vividly remember this because the DJ turned the lights on during the song and the crowd looked at each other as it was getting off. It was the only time I ever felt anything akin to the communal experience I heard that 70s disco was. Once the records played, the floor cleared, the band started, my crew & I hung out for 5 minutes and split. If you don't know the story of Le Freak, I'm sure you can find it on the web. Better yet, pick up Nile's autobiography called Le Freak. Until then, turn it up and freak out!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The UnCola 12-6-11 Playlist

Segarini-Gotta Have Pop  
Level 42-Overtime  
Echo & the Bunnymen-Bedbugs And Ballyhoo  
Judee Sill-The Kiss  
Mayer Hawthorne-The Walk  
Carole King-I Can't Hear You No More  
Gene Loves Jezebel-Suspicion  
Bugatti & Musker-Fate  
Manhattan Transfer-Feel Flows  
Basia-New Day For You  
Los Amigos Invisibles-Sweet  
Tower of Power-Soul Vaccination  
Brand New Heavies-Fake
UK Players-Dancing In The Street  
El Chicano-Tell Her She's Lovely  
Breakfast Club-Kiss & Tell  
Mildred-Rise Above  
XTC-Down In The Cockpit  
Nick Lowe-Stoplight Roses  
Baby Grand-Bring Me Your Broken Heart  
Jakob Magnusson-Magnetic Storm  
Toy Matinee-Last Plane Out  
Prince & the Revolution-She's Always In My Hair  
Ole Borud-Keep Movin'  
Alphaville-Dance With Me
Andrea True Connection-What's Your Name, What's Your Number
New Order-Shellshock

The Nile Rodgers Tribute

On Tuesday, Dec 13th at 8PM on, in honor of his new autobiography, Le Freak, The UnCola will be broadcasting a tribute to Nile Rodgers. Everything from Chic & solo albums, rare, live & demos and Nile productions. And of course, no hits!

To get ready for this event, I'll be talking about those 'hits' and the influence they had on my life.