Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The UnCola Playlist 10-4-11

The UnCola's 100th Broadcast

Steely Dan-The Caves Of Altamira
Steely Dan-Night By Night
Steely Dan-Midnight Cruiser
Donald Fagen-Green Flower Street
Steely Dan-Pixeleen
Steely Dan-Black Cow
Steely Dan-Throw Back The Little Ones
Steely Dan-Gaucho
Steely Dan-Almost Gothic
Steely Dan-Show Biz Kids
Walter Becker-Girlfriend
Steely Dan-Here At The Western World
Steely Dan-Glamour Profession
Steely Dan-The Fez
Steely Dan-Only A Fool Would Say That
Donald Fagen-Century's End
Steely Dan-Doctor Wu
Steely Dan-Green Earrings
Steely Dan-Babylon Sisters
Steely Dan-Parker's Band
Steely Dan-Negative Girl
Steely Dan-Bad Sneakers
Steely Dan-Don't Take Me Alive
Walter Becker-Door Number Two
Steely Dan-Through With Buzz
Steely Dan-Daddy Don't Live In That New York City No More
Steely Dan-Bodhisattva

Listen to the show:

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