Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The UnCola 9-10-13 Playlist

Earth, Wind & Fire-Got To Be Love
Private Eye-If This Is Love
Balance-No Getting Around My Love
Harry Chapin-I Wanna Learn A Love Song
Animal Nightlife-Love Is Just The Great Pretender
Monkey House-The Difference Between New York & L.A.
Wondergap-You Slicky My Heart
Dean Friedman-Hey Larry
Eric Gadd-Why Don't You, Why Don't I
Smooth Reunion-The Connection
Quadron-Favorite Star
Fee Waybill-Caribbean Sunsets
XTC-Life Begins At The Hop
Corey Hart-A Little Love
Ana Popovic-Leave Well Enough Alone aka High Maintenance You
Squeeze-Separate Beds
Cotton Mather-Homefront Cameo
Billie Sans-Solo
Dislocation Dance-Snakes And Ladders
Network-Don't Leave Me Alone Tonight
Dave Raynor-Leave Me Alone Tonight
World Party-She's The One
Current-Theme From Rocky
Tears For Fears-Raoul & the Kings of Spain
Depeche Mode-A Question Of Lust
Gallagher & Lyle-Love On the Airwaves

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The UnCola 9-3-13 Playlist

The 4th Annual WestCoast Breeze, Volume 4

Bill Champlin-Fly With Me
Jakarta-Golden Girl
Ed Motta-1978 (Leave The Radio On)
Amy Holland-Here In The Light
Steve Kipner-School Of Broken Hearts
Alan Thicke-Thicke Of The Night
Esperanto-Don't Let Love Pass Away
Jaye P. Morgan-Let's Get Together
Dara Sedaka-Huggin'
Norwegian Fords-Plan A
Faragher Bros-You're Making A Good Bye Bad
Karen Blake-I'm Not A Loser
Thierry Condor-Lazy Nina
John O'Banion-Love You Like I Never Loved Before
Trickster-You Make Me Want To Stay
Bill LaBounty-Mr. O
Andrus Blackwood & Co.-Step Out Of The Night
Fowler Brothers-Languished On The Line
Bliss Band-Chicago
Craig Ruhnke-Give Me The Nighttime
State Cows-Center Of The Sun
Fonda Feingold & Leon Pendarvis-Feelin' Your Love
Far Cry -It's Not As Simple As That
Marilyn Scott-First Time
Steve Marrs-How Was I To Know
Teri DeSario-Standin' On The Edge
Michael Franks-Chain Reaction