Tuesday, March 1, 2022

The UnCola 3-1-22 Playlist

Forgotten Pop from the 70s, Vol. 19

Aural Exciters-Spooks In Space
3rd Avenue Blues Band-If You Don't Want Me
Don Agrati-One Man Woman
Alkatraz-Red Lights
Mary Watkins-Yesterday's Children
Jack Wild-(Holy Moses!) Everything's Coming Up Roses
Joey Dyser-100 Years
Ypsilon-Day Of The Dove
Neil Harrison-I Need A Friend Like You
Chris White-Don’t Look Down
Champion-It's Your Life
Doctor Father-Umbopo
The Squares-Stop Being a Boy
Hamlet-Jimmy Watts
Gordon Grody-How About Me
Lick N Stick-Take It Easy
Ray Dahrouge-Steppin' Out
Zuider Zee-Listen To the Words
Doris Abrahams-Sunlight
Drama-Mary's Mamma
Change-Hey, It's Alright
Neil Innes-What Noise Annoys A Noisy Oyster
Thesda-Bongo Lumbo
Ellerine Harding-To Whom It May Concern (All I Need)
Gaston-Clock In
Mike James Kirkland-Love Insurance
Cano-Le Vieux Médéric
Marina Lima-Muito
Rajie-The Tokyo Taste
Ollie Baba-Do It Good

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