Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The UnCola 2-22-22 Playlist

Forgotten Pop from the 70s, Vol. 18

Foodband-Send Me Up To Mona
Aubrey Small-Born to Be
Laurie Kaye Cohen-Ain't Nobody Ever Satisfied With A Dream
Third Wave-Waves Lament
Dove-Magic To Do
Otis Gayle-Sexy Eyes
Grumbleweeds-Never Before
Mylon LeFevre-Goodbye, Miss Sadness
Kim Fowley-Rubber Rainbow
U.S. Radio Band-Downtown Woman
Billy Kinsley-Annabella
Dino Solera-Lovely Sax
Eugene McDaniels-Cherrystones
Freddie Hubbard-Put It In the Pocket
Rick Pearson-Merilee
Endaf Emlyn-Goodbye "Cherry Lill"
Sally Townes-Neon Castles
Shawne Jackson-Just As Bad as You
Mtume-The Closer I Get to You
Stoneground-On My Own
Twilight Nuages-Lazy Sunday Afternoons
Hellfield-Tell Me Are You Listening
Linda George-Mama's Little Girl
Oscar Toney, Jr.-Chicken Heads
Bobby Rydell-Honey Buns
Raphael Ravenscroft-Give It All You Got
Heavy Breathing-A Sleep Within A Dream
The Children-From The Very Start
The Section-Bad Shoes
Paul Santos-Occapella

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