Tuesday, May 7, 2019

The UnCola 5-7-19 Playlist

 Forgotten Pop From the 70s, Vol. 14

 Stillwater-Women (Beautiful Women)
 Bobbie Gentry-The Girl From Cincinnati
 Muffin-Smokey Blue's Away
 Todd Rundgren-Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel
 Ronaldo Reseda-Pif Paf
 Tomoko Soryo-I Say Who
 Madhouse-Nixon's Ego Trip
 Hanson-Love Knows Everything
 Peoples Pleasure & Alive and Well-Dreaming Our Lives Away
 White Plains-When You Are a King
 Purple Image-We Got to Pull Together
 Quazar-Funk 'n Roll (Dancin' in The Sunshine)
 5000 Volts-Dr Kiss Kiss
 Syreeta-Your Kiss Is Sweet
 Orleans-Isn't It Easy
 Al-Dos Band-Doing Our Thing With Pride
 Jaco Pastorius-Come On, Come Over
 David Elliott-If I Were You
 Cotton, Lloyd & Christian-You're Gonna Find Love
 Dane Donohue-Casablanca
 Rick Derringer-Something Warm
 Magna Carta-Airport Song
 Stamford Bridge-World Of Fantasy
 Spiders From Mars-White Man Black Man
 Jimi Hill-Guessing Games
 Paice, Ashton, Lord-Remember the Good Times
 Small Wonder-Ordinary Boy
 9th Creation-The Time Has Come
 Philippe Wynne-Lisa

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