Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The UnCola 5-14-19 Playlist

 Patawawa-All The Time
 Gloria Jones-Drive Me Crazy (Disco Lady)
 The Valentine Brothers-Let Me Be Close to You
 Josefin Nilsson-Surprise, Surprise
 The Limit-Say Yeah
 Fulton Street-Young People
 Howard Jones-The One To Love You
 Steve Arrington-She Just Don't Know
 Splendor-Special Lady
 The Apples-Killing
 Faith No More-We Care A Lot
 Mac DeMarco-Finally Alone
 XTC-The Ugly Underneath
 The Manhattan Transfer-Twilight Zone/Twilight Tone
 Ryan Paris-Dolce Vita
 Bananarama-Stuff Like That
 The Baker Brothers-Kick Back
 S.S.O.-Faded Lady
 Clea Vincent-Retiens Mon Desir
 Diane Tell-Tes Yeux
 Burnier & Cartier-Aldeia Global
 Sheila-L.A. (Los Angeles)
 Crazy P-Lean on Me
 The Quickest Way Out-Thank You Baby For Loving Me
 Tanita Tikaram-Cathedral Song
 Josh Dodes Band-Rhinorocerous

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