Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The UnCola 4-16-19 Playlist

The UnCola Goes Long, Vol. 4

 The Groove Orient-Hot Bandit Woman
 The Mark & Clark Band-Worn Down Piano
 Todd Rundgren-The Individualist
 The Waterboys-We Will Not Be Lovers
 Kestrel-The Acrobat
 Phil Gould-Colour of My Pain
 Jane Child-Hey Mr. Jones
 Yes-Heart of the Sunrise
 Orgone-Suma Juice
 Leron Thomas-Don't You Know
 Steve Winwood-Time Is Running Out
 Paul Weller-Pick It Up
 The Albert-Been So Good (For So Long)
 Detroit feat. Mitch Ryder-Rock N Roll
 The New Mastersounds-Tranquilo

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