Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The UnCola 12-2-14 Playlist

A Tribute to Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney & Wings-Let Me Roll It
Paul McCartney-Figure Of Eight
Paul McCartney-New
Paul McCartney-Little Willow
Paul McCartney-The Pound Is Sinking
Paul McCartney-Coming Up
Paul McCartney & Wings-Get On The Right Thing
Paul McCartney-Biker Like A Icon
Wings-Love In Song
The Airborne Toxic Event-No More Lonely Nights
Paul & Linda McCartney-The Back Seat Of My Car
Paul McCartney-See Your Sunshine
Wings-Love My Baby
Wings-Bluebird (live)
Paul McCartney-Here There And Everywhere
Paul McCartney-Teddy Boy
Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson-The Man
Jellyfish-Jet (live)
Paul McCartney-Too Much Rain
Wings-San Ferry Anne
Wings-Rockestra Theme
Paul McCartney-Simple As That
Jamie Cullum-Every Night
Paul McCartney-I'll Give You A Ring
Paul McCartney-No Values
Paul McCartney & Wings-Tragedy
Paul McCartney-Ou Est Le Soleil

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