Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The UnCola 7-29-14 Playlist

The Steely Dan Special, Vol 2: The World That You're Welcome To

Steely Dan-King Of The World
Steely Dan-Everyone's Gone To The Movies
Steely Dan-Gaslighting Abbie
Steely Dan-Sign In Stranger
Steely Dan-Fire In The Hole
Donald Fagen-The Nightfly
Steely Dan-Book Of Liars
Steely Dan-With A Gun
Steely Dan-Aja
Steely Dan-Godwhacker
Steely Dan-Third World Man
Walter Becker-Cringemaker
Steely Dan-Chain Lightning
Steely Dan-Haitian Divorce
Steely Dan-Pretzel Logic
Steely Dan-Cousin Dupree
Steely Dan-Turn That Heartbeat Over Again
Steely Dan-(You Got) The Bear
Steely Dan-Razor Boy
Donald Fagen-Good Stuff
Steely Dan-I Got The News (early version)
Steely Dan-Kid Charlemagne
Steely Dan-Your Gold Teeth II
Steely Dan-Dirty Work
Steely Dan-The Boston Rag

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