Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The UnCola 11-27-12 Playlist

Sailor-Girls Girls Girls 
Tears For Fears-Secret World   
Broken Wings-Glad As Hell 
Gene Loves Jezebel-Desire (Come And Get It)
Jonathan Jeremiah-Lazing In The Sunshine  
Dynamo Bliss-No Sense In It  
Paul Davis-Cry Just A Little 
Tot Taylor-Australia 
Sia-Big Girl Little Girl 
Steve Kipner-School Of Broken Hearts 
Monkey House-December Girls 
Al Jarreau-L Is For Lover  
Graham Parker-White Honey  
The Posies-Solar Sister 

The UnCola Classic Album: Scritti Politti-Cupid & Psyche 85 
The Word Girl (Flesh & Blood) 
Small Talk  
A Little Knowledge 
Don't Work That Hard 
Perfect Way  
Lover To Fall 
Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin)

Nicole Willis & the Soul Investigators-Feeling Free 
Jerry Rix-Disco Train
Scritti Politti-Flesh And Blood 

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