Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The UnCola 11-13-12 Playlist

The 35th Anniversary Squeeze Special

Squeeze-I've Returned    
Squeeze-Who Are You    
Squeeze-Cool For Cats    
Squeeze-Everything In The World    
Squeeze-If I Didn't Love You    
Difford & Tilbrook-Hope Fell Down    
Squeeze-Take Me I'm Yours    
Squeeze-Farfisa Beat    
Glenn Tilbrook & the Fluffers-Binga Bong    
Chris Difford-Come On Down    
Squeeze-The Knack (live 1978 on John Peel)    
Squeeze-Peyton Place    
Squeeze-Loving You Tonight    
Squeeze-Electric Trains    
Squeeze-Annie Get Your Gun    
Squeeze-By Your Side    
Squeeze-Pulling Mussels (From A Shell)
Squeeze-What The Butler Saw    
Squeeze-Tongue Like A Knife    
Difford & Tilbrook-Picking Up The Pieces
Squeeze-Slap & Tickle (live)    
Squeeze-Is That Love    
Chris Difford-1975    
Squeeze-Up The Junction    
Squeeze-Back Track    
Squeeze-Black Coffee In Bed    
Glenn Tilbrook & Nine Below Zero-You Never Give Me Your Money    
Squeeze-Rose I Said    
Squeeze-Woman's World    
Squeeze-Another Nail For My Heart    
Squeeze-Cigarette Of A Single Man    
Squeeze-Goodbye Girl

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