Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The UnCola 2-15-11 Playlist

Babe Ruth-Since You Went Away
Hue & Cry-Labour Of Love
Daniel Andersson-Glamourous Hollywood
WestCoast Breeeze: Crackin-Take Me To the Bridge
Joan Osborne-St Teresa
Queen-Cool Cat
Marc Jordan-Falling Man (featuring Luke McMaster)
The Dream Academy-Movin On
XTC Song of The Week-Rook
Norwegian Fords-Fit In
Brother Beyond-Be My Twin
Hall & Oates-Can't Stop The Music (He Played It Much Too Long)
Forgotten Top 40: Van Stephenson-Modern Day Delilah
Nick DeCaro-Tapestry
Remy Shand-Burning Bridges
Q-Bic-Do You?
Paul Steel-In A Coma
The Smiths-This Charming Man
Horn Rock Blast: Isis-Ain't No Backin Up Now
Al Jarreau-Girls Know How
Jermaine Stewart-Jody
Alison Limerick & James Taylor Quartet-Stepping Into My Life
Tony Manero's Forgotten Dance Classic: Change-Paradise
Breathe-I Hear You're Doing Fine
J. Geils Band-Flamethrower

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