Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The UnCola 4-2-24 Playlist

The UnCola's Favorites of 2024...so far, Vol. 1

Great Good Fine OK-Led Me to You
Juppe-Was It Good for You?
Space Kitchen-Lovin' 9 To 5
Malted Milk-Love For Yourself
The Real Numbers-Lydia Pinkham
BrhyM-Deep Blue
Nectar Woode-Nothing To Lose
Dee C. Lee-Walk Away
Flo Naegeli-Home
The Norwegian Fords-The Pre-Oscar Divorce
Sapphire Sun-Velvetile
Mooon-Living In The Night
Day Dreems-F Natural
Elephant Stone-The Spark
Down to Earth-It's A Beautiful Day
Dent May-Coasting On Fumes (feat. Jordana)
Diane Birch-Used to Lovin' You
Principles Of Joy-Girls Be Like
Paul Weller-Soul Wandering
Lumi-Strong Enough
Paula Cole-The Replacements and Dinosaur Jr
Jamie Turner-Ordinary Song
Crowded House-Oh Hi
Andy Wood Mitchell-Absent Friend
Jesse Barrera-Supersonic
Ninja Sex Party-Dance 'Til You Stop
Picturebox-Office of Compline
TMF The Music Forever-Making Love to the Music

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