Tuesday, January 2, 2024

The UnCola 1-2-24 Playlist

The UnCola's Favorites of 2023, Vol. 4

The Commotions-Feel the Commotion
Say She She-Passing Time
Silvertwin-Times Of Our Lives
Kurt Baker-Rock 'N' Roll Club
Joey Dosik-One More Try (feat. Theo Katzman)
Claudia Isaki-Start Over
Jalen Ngonda-Come Around and Love Me
The Armoires-Music & Animals
The Summertimes-Wakes up Shadows
JIM-Across the Street
Monkey Majik-Running In The Dark
Alan Chang-Love As a Weapon
Nulbarich-Just a Game (feat. Benny Sings)
Wendel-High High High
Emm Gryner-Loose Wig
Uncle Frank-So High
Cupid's Carnival-You're so Cool
Leo Sidran-When the Mask Comes Off
Toko Furuuchi-Girl
Jordan Astra-The Same
Erik Voeks & The Ghosters-It Means Nothing Now
The Anderson Council-Positive
The InCiters-Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)
Jack Page-Run Into the Night
Silky Steps-Fly, Goodbye 
Black Pumas-Mrs. Postman
Bobby Bazini-Waterfallin'
Alexis Evans-Mister Right on Time
Eliza Dickson-Pride

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