Wednesday, April 12, 2023

The UnCola 4-11-23 Playlist

The UnCola's Favorites of far

Genevieve Artadi-Visionary
Vau-The Meanest Child
Pearl & The Oysters-Konami
The Frost Duo-French Blues (feat. Thom Rotella & David Shaver)
Princess Freesia-Bunny Hunny
Ska City-People Watching
Novelty Island-Eureka, I Can See!
Band Of Pockets-Tell Me Straight
Jason Mraz-You Might Like It
Depeche Mode-Never Let Me Go
MonoNeon-Fairy Dust Supreme Pepperoni
Josef Sjoblom-Round And Round (feat. Matlida Gratte)
R for Romeo-Checkmate
Eddie Chacon-Comes and Goes (feat. Logan Hone)
Weeland & The Urban Soul Collective-Keep Your Light Shining
The Tearaways-Saturday Everyday
Paramore-This Is Why
Susanna Hoffs-Say You Don't Mind
Katie Melua-Quiet Moves
Chromeo-Words With You
Lucas Jack-Down With the Night
Lava-Jackie O
Stone Foundation-B What U R (feat. Shirley Jones)
The Ready-Mades-Shout It Out
Furns-Let Me Love You
The Colour-Tide
Selma Higgins-Sunlight
Jackson Welchner-When UR
Everet Almond-iNsAniTy
Les Imprimés-I'll Never Leave
Anoraak-Own The Night (feat. Kimchii)

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