Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The UnCola 10-19-21 Playlist

Blue Rondo a la Turk-Coco
Leon Spencer-Give Me Your Love
James Taylor Quartet-Woman
Tori Amos-Cornflake Girl
Lisa Miskovsky-Sweet Misery
Mother Trucker-Explosion in My Soul
Boy George-Same Thing in Reverse
Evie Sands-If You Give Up
Dr. Kong & the Stem Cells-Count Me In
Jeffrey Osborne-Soweto
Brutus-Ooh, Mama Mama
Severin Browne-The All-American Boy And His Dog
Sandra's Wedding-Lovin' Life
Andy Bopp-Abbie Karey
I Don't Like Mondays.-Plastic City
25th Street Band-Liar (feat. Josiah Ruff)
Kait Dunton-You Gotta Know
Men Without Hats-2000 Light Years From Home
Danny Wilkerson-Everybody Loves to Love
The Odds-King of the Heap
The Godfathers-Birth, School, Work, Death
Dion-Heart Of Saturday Night
Brasstracks-Nothing Better
Marc Sadane-One Minute From Love
Two Tons O' Fun-Never Like This

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