Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The UnCola 7-6-21 Playlist

The UnCola's Favorites of 2021...so far

Del Amitri-You Can't Go Back
Aaron Lee Tasjan-Computer of Love
Texas-Mr Haze
Lou Hayter-Telephone
Tim Cashion-Melody Man
The Bamboos-It's All Gonna Be O.K. (feat. Joey Dosik)
Tristan-I've Been Loving You Too Long
Leo Sidran-Body and the Brain
Vaudeville Smash-Cucinated
Phil Gould-Beautiful Wounds (feat. Diana Winter)
Crowded House-To The Island
Gary Kemp-Ahead of the Game
Unic├│rnios Impressionantes-After Dark
Surfaces-Let Me Know
Super db-Fortune and Glory
David Crosby-Rodriguez For A Night
Benny Sings-Run Right Back (feat. Cautious Clay)
BC Camplight-I'm Alright In the World
Jeb Loy Nichols-The World Loves a Fool (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink)
Sam Greenfield-Banana Song
Nina Attal-I Can’t Stop Loving You
Aaron Frazer-Bad News
Christian Gratz-Not This Time
Ily-Doing It Better
Geyster-Bye Bye Superman (Naked)
Radio Days-I Got a Love
The 1957 Tail-Fin Fiasco-The Son of Mrs Queenie Brown
Paul Weller-Cosmic Fringes
Brainstory-Long Day
Spud Cannon-You Got It All (NOT)
Eric Bazilian-Heaven Ain't Gonna Save Us

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