Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The Uncola 9-8-20 Playlist

Trembles Of Fortune-Money Back
Thunder-Midnight Heartache
Charles & Eddie-Sunshine & Happiness
Mandré-Fair Game
Anna Coddington-Apples
Michael McDermott-Summer Days
Henry Badowski-Henry's In Love
Cressida-Home and Where I Long to be
Jimmy Spheeris-Tequila Moonlite
James Fox Higgins-Annie (You'll Be Okay)
Golden Echoes-Packing A Grip
Linda Lewis-Old Smokey
Daryl Hall & John Oates-Possession Obsession
The Spandettes-Dig Deeper
Susan Fassbender-Twilight Cafe
International Teachers Of Pop-Gaslight
Night Mirrors-Belladonna
Brasstracks-Hold Ya featuring Lawrence
Lynne Jackaman-Supernasty
Viktor Jakob-Jonsson-A Little Denial
Diane Birch-Jukebox Johnny
Josefin Nilsson-We Won't Be Going Anywhere
Tom Grant-Heaven Is Waiting
Donny Benét-Konichiwa
Sopwith Camel-Fazon
The Guitars-Talkin' Bout My Baby
The Hitmen-What Would The Neighbors Say
Cloudburst-I'm Loving You

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