Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The UnCola 9-25-18 Playlist

 Forgotten Pop from the 80s, Vol. 8

 The Silencers-Painted Moon
 Marshall Crenshaw-There She Goes Again
 Jon Astley-Put This Love To The Test
 Odyssey-Don't Tell Me, Tell Her
 Terri Gibb-"Rich Man
 Bob Couch-Pump Iron
 Toni Basil-Shopping From A To Z
 JD Souther-Go Ahead and Rain
 David Lee Roth-Goin' Crazy
 Bros-Life's a Heartbeat
 Bucks Fizz-My Camera Never Lies
 Jimmy Davis & Junction-Kick The Wall
 Sheila Landis-Smiles In The Dark
 Axis-Silver Satin
 Lone Justice-Sweet, Sweet Baby (I'm Falling)
 Choirboys-Run To Paradise
 Plush-I Don't Know
 The Staple Singers-Slippery People
 Fleetwood Mac-Family Man
 Ian Dury-Spasticus Autisticus
 Toy Dolls-Nellie the Elephant
 Double Image-Night Pulse
 Flash & The Pan-Midnight Man
 Robert Plant-Too Loud
 Pet Shop Boys-Two Divided By Zero
 Esquire-To the Rescue
 Denise Lopez-If You Feel It
 Teddy Riley feat. Guy-My Fantasy

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