Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The UnCola 8-22-17 Playlist

 Elton John-Are You Ready for Love
 360 Band-Love and Learn
 Sister Sledge-Got to Love Somebody
 Loose Ends-Love's Got Me
 Depeche Mode-Love, In Itself
 Kool & The Gang-Love the Life You Live, Pt. 1 & 2
 The Isley Brothers & Santana-Love, Peace, Happiness
 Seal-Future Love Paradise
 Alison Moyet-Love Resurrection
 Jackson 5-I Was Made to Love Her
 Animal Nightlife-Love Is Just the Great Pretender
 Basia-Drunk on Love
 XTC-Love At First Sight
 Cody ChestnuTT-It's In The Love
 The Dream Academy-The Love Parade
 Michael Franks-The Art of Love
 Level 42-Love Meeting Love
 Maysa-Love is a Battlefield
 Fashion-Love Shadow
 Wings-Love In Song
 Miriam Speyer-Love Yourself
 Roy Ayers-Love Will Bring Us Back Together
 Holly Johnson-Love Train
 Fraternal Order of The All-Love Tonight
 Dr. Calculus-Full of Love
 Mike Lundy-Love One Another

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