Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The UnCola 3-28-17 Playlist

Forgotten Pop from the 70s: Vol. 12

Ian Hunter-Just Another Night
Circus-Stop Wait & Listen
Rasa-When Will The Day Come
Act I-Tom The Peeper
Bobbidazzler-Beverly Hills
The Moods-Rainmaker
Ann-Louise-Tyck On Mej
Friends-Gonna Have A Good Time
Tom Hartman-A Little More
Steve Winwood-Luck's In
Riot-Just Beyond
Vicki Sue Robinson-Can't Accept the Fact
Malo-Latin Bugaloo
Alzo-That's Alright (I Don't Mind It)
Asha Puthli-Space Talk
Sine-Just Let Me Do My Thing
Snowball-Aura Lee
100% Whole Wheat-Queen Of The Pizza Parlor
Tarney Spencer Band-Takin' Me Back
UPP-It's A Mystery
Ray Stevens-I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow
Jeff Perry-Love Don't Come No Stronger (Than Yours And Mine)
Gary Ogan & Bill Lamb-Kac
Rajie-Last Chance
Forbes-What Do You Mean
Danny O'Keefe-The Road
David Oliver-I Surrender
Melba Moore-My Soul Is Satisfied

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