Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The UnCola 12-8-15 Playlist

Jeff Lynne's ELO-When the Night Comes
The Arrows-Heart of The City
Uproar-Drifting Away (I've Been Drifting Away)
Wax-Let's Have Some Lunch Some Time
Lewis Taylor-Keep Right On (Pop Version)
The Cure-How Beautiful You Are
Rita Jean Bodine-Knickerbocker Holiday
The Beautiful South-You Just Can't Smile It Away
Sven Larsson-This Is Not the Right Time
Ambergris-Play On Player
The Bible-Crystal Palace
Candyflip-Strawberry Fields Forever
Nilsson-Old Forgotten Soldier
John Lennon-Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)
Gunhill Road-Back When My Hair Was Short
The Pierces-Love You More
Taxxi-I'm Leaving
Chris Ducey-Duce Of Hearts
Benny Sings-Straight Lines
Duran Duran-Violence Of Summer (Love's Taking Over)
Badfinger-Love Is Gonna Come At Last
Dickie Goodman-Election 84
George & G-You Know
China Crisis-Autumn In the Neighborhood
Scissor Sisters-Mary
Queen-The Show Must Go On

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