Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The UnCola 9-29-15 Playlist

Sven Van Sveden-Love Forever
Gus Gus-Ladyshave
The Lover Speaks-Every Lover's Sign
Shawn Phillips-Do You Wonder?
Benny Sings-Rebuilding The Omega Man
Toy Matinee-Turn It On Salvador
Rubicon-I Want To Love You
Bananarama-Rough Justice
Lina-I Am
Moxy Fruvous-Green Eggs And Ham
Monkey House-Checkpoint Charlie
Waters-If There's A Way
Joe Bruce & 2nd Avenue-Powerful Girl
White Town-Your Girl
E.G. Daily-Say It, Say It
Allen Stone-Fake Future
Joey Negro And The Sunburst Band-The Secret Life Of Us
Stirling Silver-Sunshine (When I Got You)
Louis Lake-S.A.V.E L.O.V.E.
Nicky Holland-Ladykiller
Cee Farrow-Should I Love You
Azymuth-Dear Limmertz
Alternative Champs-Everyone Has Jazz Hands
Crobsy Stills & Nash-Dark Star
B.E. Taylor-Karen

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