Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The UnCola 12-21-10 Playlist

Passion Pit-Let Your Love Grow Tall
Earth Wind & Fire-Thinking Of You
The Swell Season-In These Arms
Squeeze-Christmas Day
Ivy-I've Got A Feeling
Wondergap-You Slicky My Heart
Some Like It Odd-Riposte
WestCoast Breeze: Robbie Dupree-Saturday Night
Bobby Caldwell-Merry Christmas
Scritti Politti-Don't Work That Hard
Priors-What You Need (Grum remix)
Intaferon-Get Out Of London
Chef-What The Hell Child IS This
Forgotten Top 40: The Other Ones-Holiday
Frank Weber-The Old Man
Beach Boys-Long Promised Road
Curiosity Killed The Cat-Red Lights
America-Christmas In California
Massive Attack-Sly
Res-Golden Boys
XTC Song of the Week: Countdown To Christmas Party Time
Supertramp-Lord Is It Mine
Ben Kweller-Falling
The Clock-She Looks A Lot Like You
Red Peters-You Ain't Getting Shit For Christmas
Sanford Townsend Band-Nail Me To The Wall
Duran Duran-Vertigo (Do The Demolition)

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